Scaly skin on swollen ankles | Arthritis Information


My ankles have been badly swollen for weeks, or maybe even months now.  And I've noticed that the skin just in that area has gotten dry and a little scaly.  If the swelling keeps up, maybe I'll start to get stretch marks.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Other than moisturizer, any ideas on getting rid of it?

< =text/>_popupControl(); Ok this is going to sound weird and gross...but athletes foot stuff will help with the scaly skin.  That happens to me all the time on my bad foot and it clears it right up.  If your ankles have been swollen, is the skin scaley or is it peeling off & extremely itchy???  There is a difference.  If it is peeling like an old sunburn then you are retaining too much fluid, I just went through this with my mother is the reason why I ask.  She has been very tired and her legs had swollen so much the outerskin started peeling off her legs.  She had to go into the hospital for a couple days because she was retaining so much fluid that it was in her lungs.   She hs heart trouble and all this fluid is signs of congestive heart failure.  They tweaked her meds and she is doing better.  So please if the skin is peeling get into your dr.  meme

meme, fortunately nothing is peeling or itchy.  I think that would drive me crazy.  Sorry your mom had to go through that but at least she's doing better now.

Since my RA about two years now I have been getting swelling in the feet and legs that had gotten worse with time as well as loss of hair on my legs and scaly skin. I am going to the doc 10-23 to discuss this. Where is the scaley skin because it could also be psoriasis, it is very thick, the scaling, it could be plaque psoriais.  Psoriasis can cover small pieces of your skin or in my case it could be over 2/3s of the body.  I also have loss of hair on my legs due to psoriasis .  meme