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Anyone ever accidentally injected into a blood vessel?  I know how you are supposed to pull back on the syringe when injecting to see if you hit a blood vessel, and with my last injection I did, and when I pulled back I didn't see any blood in the syringe like they instruct, so I injected.  But when I was done, I pulled the syringe out and my injection site started bleeding like I had hit a blood vessel and there was some blood in the syringe. 

I can't understand it, since I did what I normally do and what they instruct...  The site of the injection is fine, nothing odd about it so far and I feel ok, but wondered if this had happened to anyone else...  They don't have any help instructions for if you accidentally inject into a blood vessel site, only if you punture a blood vessel and catch before you inject. 


Ouch Star!!

I've always been afraid of that. My husband gives me mine and we do it in my butt mostly so there's less chance of hitting a blood vessel there I think. That sounds scary though!!

Just wanted to welcome you aboard. hope you'll stick around and join us. We've got a great bunch here.


Eeeek! that is scary!  I've only had 2 shots so far and they are in my husband gives them to me. The nurse said to move at least two inches from the belly button so  you don't hit an organ...that scared me