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My brother tells me he has a finger that pops out of joint -- or maybe he has to pull it to get it to get back in joint, something like that.

Has anyone experienced something like that?  I seem to remember someone talking about something similar a while back.

My brother has (what I think) are some symptoms of RA.  He has stiffness in his hands and feet in the morning and some pain.  His primary care doctor thought maybe he has it and referred him to a rheumatologist (also my doctor).  His RA factor is negative.

Our father had RA, and also a great aunt.

My RD looked at him and thought he probably has OA.  But he suggested getting more tests and X-rays if things didn't change in a few months.

Thoughts from anyone?  I think he should definitely go back for more tests.


I use to be able to do that with my thumb when i was a kid. I could pull on it when it hurt and pop it outta joint and then back in. I use to gross out what little friends I had in school with that.

I guess it was your post that I remembered reading.  I still think he needs to go back to the RD.

My husbands fingers do that, one in particular and when it pops out of joint it is very clearly crooked. He can pop it back in and it hurts him. This started about 6 mos ago. Prior to that he had been having pain in his hands and wrists, esp. on the same side as the now bad finger. He has had testing for carpal tunnel syndroms, seen a RD and dismissed, saw an ortho doc who didnt want to do an MRI but did inject corizone into his right wrist. The finger still pops out every once in a while..but after all of the time and money and visits to primary docs and specialists, he has finally given up on trying to find an answer. I guess one day it will pop out of place and he wont be able to reset it or something else will happen. But for now, we have given up.

I am a nurse and I have researched it with out much luck, and I have spoken to other nurses, NPs, PAs, and docs at one has a clue. I really think that it is OA related to the type of work he does and if we had an MRI we would have a better picture. That said, I dont think that there is much of a "fix" for it except the following: NSAIDS for pain and swelling of the soft tissues, not doing the same motions at work which probably caused it, and maybe increasing the Omega's and Glucosamine/Condroiten to help with the joints and joint lubrication.

It is a weird thing, probably more common but not common enough for docs to recognize or take seriously. Oh big suprise there. Hope you get some answers, and if you do, please share them!!