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Do you get energy when you get an infusion?

I have noticed that I do not get increased energy after an infusion. I just still feel like I need to rest. Like if I make "brain plans" to clean my room, I just do not feel like I have the energy to do it, and just sit around or lay in the bed and watch tv. It might have something to do with being cold and trying to keep warm. Or that I am afraid to do anything more than I normally use to do to not cause myself unneeded pain. Yeah... I think that is it. Plus, I know I still have a hard time doing things like I did before. I still cannot shop long without causing myself more pain and stiffness. I figured since I had  very little pain I could do more, but not the case. I am happy for very little pain.

When I was first on Humira it gave me loads of energy. I mean I could not stay still and felt like I needed to be doing something or going some where. But after I had to be off it for that sinus infection, it never gave me energy like it was.

I figured Remicade would have the same affect on me, but it has not.

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In answer to your question about Remicade, I would be very tired the day of my infusion, but would have lot's of energy the following day. At least that was how it was in the beginning...I was only on Remicade about a year before it stopped working.

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I don't think I feel any different after the Remicade, the dr. says my bloodwork shows it's working. I was really hoping for some outrageous, miracle 'I feel incredibly better!!' couple of weeks before my next infusion feeling. No such luck, the anemia is gone so I'm not so tired anymore, but I really can't say I'm doing much more than I did once I quit the pred. The pain level has decreased, I'm not taking Aleve everyday. I think for some of us, especially those of us who have damage, it's going to be small changes.

Deidre - I am glad the Remicade is working, according to your bloodwork. I hope it continues to work for you.



Yeah, I do feel really tired after I get an infusion. I come home and go to sleep and sleep the whole night. Last infusion I came home went straight to bed and slept until 4am and almost did not take my meds like pred and all because I did not want to get up. If it was not for having to take my meds, I would not have even got up.

Usually if I go to sleep and do not take my pred around 1-2 am, I am so stiff and swelled an unable to move that I have to wake hubby up to get my meds for me. But since this Remicade. I do not even feel like I need the pred. I have bumped myself down to 5mg and have not even noticed a difference. Now if I would have done that on Humira, I would have known the difference right away.


Joonie, I am pretty much out of life for about twenty four to forty eight hours after my Remicade infusion.  I cannot focus and definitely sleep a lot!I get a burst of energy and usually can't sleep the night of the infusion.  After that, it's back to fatigue as usual!