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I called my pain doctor on Friday to see if I could get my Actiq faster cuz I was hurting so bad. The nurse said that she had been getting alot of calls with people hurting bad this past week. My doc said it was the full moon. I have only heard that to be true for the crazy people. Which probably included me too. But don't know that to be true for disabilities, but do know that the barometric pressure plays a big part in how we feel.

I work for law enforcement even though I am a ranger.  I am dispatched by the police dept.  I do not think there is one cop that would say that a full moon does not effect people.  It is amazing how much busier it is on a full moon.  Go figure.  So if that is true - makes sense it can effect us all. 

Went for xrays today...keep your fingers crossed for me...


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