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I have a flare-up every 3 days or so.  Rather than increasing my prednisone, I take Meloxicam (generic for Mobic) every 3 - 4 days.  It seems to be a wonderdrug for me.  Within a few hours, I feel like my stiffness loosens up and my inflammation disappears.

I got the meloxicam from my primary doctor.  I told my rheumatologist how well it works and how I really love it.  He says its just a  painkiller and that it doesn't really help with the inflammation.  He wants me to increase my prednisone instead.  I am currently taking 2.5 prednisone in the morning and 2.5 prednisone at night.  He says I should take 5 in the morning and 5 at night.

What do you guys think?  I love taking meloxicam, but he says it's just a painkiller and it's not really getting the inflammation.  I read that meloxicam is an nsaid, so doesn't it help with inflammation?



No offense to your doc---but you might want to get a new one. Mobic is a NSAID and it most DEFINITELY does help with inflammation. Its kinda scary that your doc says it doesn't. I would be REALLY leary about going back to him. You are better uping your dose instead of going on prednisone. Although prednisone does make you feel good right away---if you can get away with not taking it---your better off. Too many side effects from it. I take it only when I really need it and for a short time.
Mobic is an older med but it works really well. I have been on it several times.
Please please please get another rheumatologist though---whoever this guy is---he shouldn't be practicing.
I hate to say that--but it really sounds like he isn't educated and thats frightening.

Oh my goodness!!!  Yes please, get a new rheumatologist ASAP!!!  What is this guy thinking?  Oh wait...he ISN'T!!!!  Yes, Mobic does help with inflammation!!!  It is an NSAID!!!!  If you can get away with NOT increasing your prednisone...then please do not increase it!  I'm not sure about splitting up that prednisone dose either.  I have been told not to split your pred up by taking it in the morning and in the evening.  I was told to take prednisone in the morning as that is when your body naturally makes its corticosteroids.  Splitting up your dose can cause more and worse side effects from the pred is what I have been led to understand.  I guess that I personally would stick with what you were originally doing.  Taking the pred in the morning and taking the Mobic.  I guess I'm looking at it as this is working for you and don't break what isn't broken!!!!

Hope all is well. Someone else posted the same thing about mobic on another site. Its good more people are trying the older drugs again---they certainly can still help. Don't hear about them so much anymore because of the attention being on the "newer" drugs. Maybe docs don't get the push from the drug companies anymore---the incentives are from the drug companies that are pushing the new stuff. I know that mobic is used alot in Europe with good results.
Hope you are still getting relief.