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Granted, insurance coverage varies but just curious what kind of expense I am possibly looking at.  The prognosis is looking a little intimidating but the cost of treating it is equally scary as we are trying to make it on one income for 2 more years until I go back to work full-time.  Any insight into what kind of expense(s) I can expect?I pay 35.00 for a month supply of Enbrel, under 6$ for vicodin, but that's only every 3-6 months and I get a 3 month supply of injectable mtx for I think about 20.00.  I'm not sure about the last, that's just a ballpark.Plaquenil - about a month
Naproxen - purchased OTC; or so for 100-ct bottle
Tramadol - for a 60-ct prescription (lasts several months)
Fish oil - /monthI almost had a fit when the pharmacist told me my 70-count bottle of Celebrex was 0 (35-day supply).  That was AFTER insurance... he told me without, it was 0.  Can't wait for the generic (if that's what the RD keeps me on)...

Then again, that's my insurance company for you!  25.00/month for Enbrel, 24.00/3-month supply for mtx and 24.00/3-month supply for relafen.  Averages out to approx 40.00/month.   That is with insurance - I'd hate to have to pay the price without.
Celebrex 45 day supply .00
Humira (12)wkly injections 3 months supply .00
prednisone 3 month supply .00
Arava  3 month supply .00
hydrocodone 100 pills  .00
I am probably on one of the worse BC/BS plans out there.
So... most of all my meds are in the co-pay for one month supply. Only meds that I take that will not break the bank are the generics & pred which are /month each from wal-mart.
My RD visit co-pays are /visit. When I get my Remicade infusion co-pay is + office visit co-pay = 0 per remicade infusion.
Thank God, in Australia we have a system where if you are on government benefits, your prescriptions cost each if they are the generic brand and in some cases the real thing.  After you reach a combined target ot 54 scripts as a family or on your own, they are free for the rest of the year.  Most people would reach this target in the later half of the year, as for me, well I have two more scripts to get and I am then on the free list!!!!!!!  Scary eh?  Janie. I pay .00 every six weeks for MTX.  I also have a prescription for Naprosyn but I very rarely use it.  I don't even remember the last time I had it refilled.I too am thankful for our system here when it comes to meds, we pay nothing for biologics and i pay £27 every 3 months for as many presciptions as i need for other meds. I am lucky as some health trusts deny patients biologics as they are underfunded.Humira - a month for 2 shots
MTX - for a 3 month supply
Prednisone - for a 3 month supply

treefrog0012008-03-09 07:32:30Methotrexate = for a 3 month supply
Plaquenil = for a 3 month supply
Relafen = for a 3 month supply
Enbrel = right now.  After Quick Assist is over, it should be for a 3 month supply
Lortab = for a month supply
All of my prescriptions are .00 each for a 3 month supply.I get my meds from the local pharmacy, rather than the insurance mail-in, so I can only get a 1-month supply at a time and they cost more than if I got them in the mail.  But my local pharmacy is around the corner, open 24 hours, and has a drive-thru window.   I didn't want to have my prescriptions sent to my office, or stolen from my doorstep (living in a complex).  Now that I'm home on disability, I may reconsider the mail-in option.
.79 - Imuran (DMARD)
.98 - Indocin (NSAID)
.26 - Skelaxin (Muscle Relaxant)
.70 - Lyrica (Anti-Neuropathic)
.70 - Vicodin HP (generic version, pain medicine)
The good news is that after I spend ,500 out of pocket for the year, all else is free.  With all my other prescriptions added in, I usually hit that around May/June.
My Rituxan is a whole other as not to hijack this post, I'm going to start a new one about that.
InnerGlow2008-03-09 10:18:45I also wanted to add that when I was on Enbrel last year, it was 0 for 3 months, through the insurance mail pharmacy (which was the only way I could get it).
Oddly enough, my visits to my rheumy cost only .72.  Something's not right when I can't get a 1 month generic prescription for the same price as a visit to my rheumatologist's years of expertise.
BTW, some of my meds have a high cost because there is no generic available, like Skelaxin.  Without insurance, it would cost around 0/month.
So far it's a bargain just under .00 for Vicodin. I expect I'll be shelling about a month for some prescription RA drug if the RD orders it.  prednisone 10.00 month
humira        35.00 month
methotrexate 10.00 month
effexor            20.00 month
folic acid          3.50 month
dicoflenac        4.00 month
tramadol         10.00 month
evoxac            10.00 month
temazapam     4.50  month
constulose      10.00 month
hope you find what you are looking for. have a nice day.

You've gotten a lot of information already but I wanted to add something that really shocked me.  I had to get a prescription filled for prednisone and my co-pay was .11.  However, I dropped one of the pills an couldn't find it and at the time I thought I would need it to finish the taper, so I bought another one (5 mg.) out-of-pocket, since insurance will only pay once on each prescription.  That one pill cost me .00!  I didn't realize my insurance was covering so much of my prescription costs.  The lesson here is, don't lose any of your pills!!

Following on what Jesse said, another lesson is when your doctor changes your dosage, make sure they write you a new script.  I was taking pred for awhile on a daily basis.  Then I had a flare and the dr told me to just take 6 pills the first day, then 5, then 4, etc, in other words the basic "medrol pack" taper.  But that meant I used up my pills a lot faster, and had to refill my prescription, but because it was too early, meaning that 30 days hadn't passed by, my insurance wouldn't cover and I had to pay out of pocket.  It could have easily been avoided if my dr had written a script for the increased dose, or just for a separate medrol pack.  Similarly, I was on Imuran 1/day for awhile, then he told me to up it to 2/day and then 3/day.  If I didn't have new scripts with those instructions, I would have been paying for the increase without insurance coverage.

Well shoot......Right now with my HMO I have to pay .00/mo for enbrel, but in 11 months (when the "enliven" discount stops) I will have to pay /WEEK for same. Have seriously begun considering AP, just so I can afford it.I cheapest med I am on is Prednisone, and on the only meds I use a lot of. It is considered a generic so it is only .00, and BC/BS pays nothing... they suck! My Nortriptylin, and Imuran are both .00 generics, which yet again... BC/BS will not pay that .00 for each of those.
I had sticker shock when my RD RXed me Zyrtec, insurance paid squat on it, the lady rang it up and it was like -something $'s!!! I was like ummm.... no.
Pain meds & muscle relaxers -- well the new ones I just got RXed are co-pay apiece. The Robaxin (muscle relaxer) & Darvocet (pain med) were .00 generics.
Wal-Mart generics seem to be my friend. I just started with my mail order prescription plan... I am not sure what it will be costing.. but I think the MTX is only for a 3 month supply... previously it was costing /month
DayPro -- I am now paying /copay for 3 months worth
Restasis -- 2 months at
Folic Acid -- /month
Requip -- /90 days
My insurance is the PITS!  So, I am paying:
Enbrel:  .00/month *thanks to enliven!*
MTX:  .00/month
FA:  I buy it OTC, can't remember how much it is.

Yes Joonie i picked up the walmart list yesterday. We need all of the help we can get. I found three meds i take on the list. Every little bit helps.

I pay .00 for generics and .00 for brand names.  Humira is .00 per injection.My prescription benefits suck but the other stuff is covered at 100% so I can't complain too much. My med cost breakdown is as follows, 20-generic, 40-non-preffered, 70-brand, 20% self-injectable/infusion:

Mtx: 20/month
Indocin SR: 20/month
Plaquenil: 20/month
Protonix: 70/month (brand)
Folic Acid: 4/month
Iron: 4/month
Tramadol: 4/month
KINERET (biologic injectable): 3/month...luckily I have a preset amount of med expense paid by Healthwell, a charity, and they pay for this monthly.
I pay .00 for Prednisone and .00 for Methotrexate.  I am about to start on Remicade.  My doc told me it would be beween 0 to 0 for each infusion, depending on the dosage.  That is after what my insurance company pays.  After I reach ,500 I will have to cover the whole thing until it reaches ,800 and the insurance picks up again.  I am awaiting word from several foundation applications to see if I can get some help with this.  The cost for meds are outrageous, while the pharmceutical companies are making big bucks.Target now does a list too. They may have a few different meds than wally world does. Just a heads up! I don't think they've taken this through the whole country yet though, so some of you may not have a Target that participates. Yet.

For anyone looking to go onto AP, and living in the southeast - Publix has a list of commonly used antibiotics that are FREE. Yep, you heard me, FREE. No matter who you are or how often you get them.

I'm seriously, SERIOUSLY considering this AP

You've gotten a lot of information already but I wanted to add something that really shocked me.  I had to get a prescription filled for prednisone and my co-pay was .11.  However, I dropped one of the pills an couldn't find it and at the time I thought I would need it to finish the taper, so I bought another one (5 mg.) out-of-pocket, since insurance will only pay once on each prescription.  That one pill cost me .00!  I didn't realize my insurance was covering so much of my prescription costs.  The lesson here is, don't lose any of your pills!!


That was probably the base charge at your pharmacy.  At my local pharmacy, I believe it is .99 without insurance.  For really cheap drugs, it doesn't matter if the prescription is for 1 pill or 100 - the charge is .99.  Regarding lost pills - there have been times when I have misplaced or lost part of a prescription, or ran out and forgot to get a refill.  Often times, if I was just short one or two pills (like if I forgot the bottle at work over the weekend), the pharmacists would just give me a couple of tablets - no charge.  Especially if it was an antibiotic.  They've done the same for my husband when he's run out of his beta-blocker and forgot to get the script renewed.  I'm surprised they would charge you for a single pill, especially for something so cheap!
 this has been interesting thanks for posting it. have a nice eveningCan LinB say where (s)he gets Humira for an injection?  My copay alone for 2 injections is 2 until I get into the doughnut hole, when it will cost 00 for 2.  My insurance and med copays (17 of them) cost my entire disability check.  If anyone has any advice, please let me know.  Thanks!Hi MissG.  My Humira is the same cost as everyone elses but I only have a .00 copay for brand name.  My insurance considers Humira the same as the other RXs.  I'm covered by Tricare which is retired military health insurance.  Lindy I paid this last week for all my meds.  I get most of these every month although there are a few that I only get every couple of months or so.
Nexium  31.30           (full cost  59.87) monthly
Plaquenil  31.30         (full cost  35.25) 3 monthly
Celebrex  31.30         (full cost? )  monthly
Arava   31.30             (full cost  143.78)  monthly
Methotrexate  31.30    ( full cost  46.43)   once a year (bottle of 100  x 10 mg)
Codalgin Forte  29.10        (tylenol with 30mg codeine  180 of them)  every 2 months
Cabaser   31.30          (full cost  68.94)  monthly
Questran Lite  31.30    ( full cost  56.48)  3 monthly
Folic Acid  12.59        for a bottle of 200 x 5mg  (lasts for ages)
Prednisolone  8.20    for a bottle of 60 x 5mg  but I hardly ever take that so I have heaps
Omega 3 Fish Oil   bottle of 400 for about   lasts ages
Ostelin Vit D       bottle of  250  for about   lasts almost a year
As you can see most of our meds are capped at 31.30 by the govt, they pick up the rest of the cost.  Plus, once a family has spent 00 in the Calendar year,  all meds are .90 for the rest of the year.  I usually spend around 0 a month for the first 7 months of the year then get the cheap prices for the rest of the year.
pammy4162008-03-14 01:35:59Pammy
Are you saying you get a years worth of mtx in one hit? I have a blood test every 8 weeks to check liver function then my GP will repeat my script when she gets a good result - Isn't this the norm or near as?
My meds are free as I have a thyroid condition - I don't know why and I don't mind. I think scripts are about £6.75 (.66) per item regardless of length of course. Also, if you have two strengths of the same med to make the required dose that counts as two items.
Over 60s get free meds - it's called 'free' but we spend about 40 years paying for it in advance.
Tinker  I just get one script for MTX.  It is for a bottle of 100   10mg tablets.  They cant' just give you a script for 2 tablets, which is what I take each week.  I too have bloods done every 8 weeks.  If there were any problems my Rheumy would call and adjust my dose over the phone.  Our chemists don't count out pills and bottle them.  Our scripts are for set size bottles or packs as they are packaged by the Pharmaceutical Companies.  Like antibiotics are given as one course per script  such as a weeks worth.  Everything is dispensed as it is packaged by the company.  The Chemists very rarely dole out individual amounts of anything.I used to be covered by Tricare when I was a dependent of my parents. That military insurance is awesome! for generic, for everything else and once you hit your deductible limit for the's all free.