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Well, my mom talked me into going to the walk in clinic after getting frustrated with my RA dr and PCP. ( Pcp saying to see my RA dr. with my symptoms not her, my RA dr. saying to stop the increase in Plaquenil) I wasn't getting any straight answers and no one could fit me in their schedules.

The Dr. at the walk in clinic did some tests, looked in my ears and said I have viral Labyrinthitis which is causing the dizziness, (not the plaquenil) and nausea, that she's seen 3 other's today with the same thing.

 I still feel Extremely exhausted and generally not well. She said this could be due to staring all day at the computer at work, and my eyes having to constantly adjust because of the inner ear balance problem.

Has anyone ever had this before? Not me, but I think a friend had it.  I'll email and ask for you.

Hi.............Really sorry to hear what your going through, I suffered from severe labyrinthitis last July, the initial attack started suddenly with severe vertigo, vomiting, palpitations and sweating, apparently I turned grey in colour, my husband thought I was having a heart attack, he called the ambulance and I was taken to A&E.  My experience was very frightening and I had several attacks in the weeks that followed, I saw an ENT consultant who diagnosed labyrinthitis, he said that I would suffer from dizziness for sometime and he was right, it's nearly been a year since my initial attack and I still have the occasional visual disturbance.  I found Stemetil helped me a lot, and if I was nauseous/vomiting I would use Buccastem instead.  Speady recovery
I forgot to say I completely sympathise with the exhaustion your feeling, I had to get to bed and stay there for 3-4 days following each attack of vertigo. 
Also, I read somewhere about autoimmune disease affecting the inner maybe there is a link to our RA?????????

Pip: Thank you for emailing your friend!

May:  WOW, I didn't realize it hit people this badly! And stayed around that long?! Oh my gosh! I think I still wonder if it's something more because I am having chills, shaky feeling inside, waking up out of my sleep feeling like Im going to throw up, and just so , so exhausted, like i'm going to callapse.  But, from what you say above, you were really exhuasted too! I'm sorry that hit you so badly and glad you are better ! 

Hi again.............your describing exactly how I felt, and yes according to the specialists I saw it can be very, very distressing for the patient (which it is).  When you turn over in bed do you get a dizzy feeling in your head, even with your eyes closed?  Hi May
Thanks for all your advice and for sharing your story.
I think I was feeling so sick that night going to bed and throughout the entire night, I didnt notice whether I was dizzy or not , but I woke up out of my sleep feeling nauseated... Did your ENT tell you the dizziness is what causes the nasuea? I normally never get motion sickness, but the dr. I saw told me to take a motion sickness pill to help with the nausea. Does that make since?
I think I'm going to check to see if there's a link like you said above with RA and Labrynthitis. That would be interesting to know.
klynn, yep - motion sickness drugs will usually help with the nausea.  Motion sickness arises from the same area in the ear. I get this at least once per year. I don't think it's viral though- my doctor says I grow "crystals" in my inner ear. It takes time until they break up and go on their way and the terrible dizziness, nausea & fatigue go away. I don't get any relief with the vertigo medicine nor valium that she prescribed last time.Glad you went. Too many times things are blown off as RA or meds related when their not. Gotta love your Momma for knowing what's best; huh?
Hope you're feeing better soon.

So even while I'm sitting perfectly still, just staring at my computer, I still feel dizzy. 

Okay, I'll stop asking so many questions now...this is just new to me! Thanks for all your input guys!! [QUOTE=klynn141]

So even while I'm sitting perfectly still, just staring at my computer, I still feel dizzy. 

Okay, I'll stop asking so many questions now...this is just new to me! Thanks for all your input guys!! stay out of elevators- they really throw mehi klynn i have never heard of this . sounds similare to vertigo
i hope you make a speedy recovery..