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Ok I have another question for anyone who might be able to shed some insight.  My x-rays showed some bone demineralization in the hands and feet. I have been scheduled for a DEXA scan. Is this a common thing in RA or is it Osteoporosis related?

Also am being scheduled with podiatrist as both feet are pretty bad with bone spurs and calcifications. What will be first course of treatment for the bone spurs/calcifications.

Ok...I know that was 2 questions

I can't help Mom2 but I'm starting to research this now so I thought I'd bump this so others can see it. 



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Pip!2008-07-24 07:33:22Thanks I have been checking the net, but I haven't been able to find to much that will answer my question yet.The only thing I've seen recently says it's possible to get the calcium deposits to demineralize and that will help with bone reabsorption - but I'm still not clear on what we're going to do.  And some of the stuff I saw was definitely BS.  Sigh.  Anyway - Google PubMed and put in osteo or bone demineralization or whatever and you'll get what I found yesterday.  I'm researching this for my hubby - he's got OA and some spurs forming.  Since he's also diabetic - that makes sense.  So - now he's starting probiotics and the basics of minerals - calcium, potassium and magnesium.
More when I find more.
Bone demineralization is a precursor to osteopenia but not necessarily osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.  It can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, or a combination of diet, disease, arthritic conditions, and lack of exercise.  There are meds you can take, review your diet, start some weight bearing exercises and talk to your doctor about what vitamins and meds you should take.  I take a combination of Mangnesium, calcium, Vit. D.  LindySee Lindy, how confused I am about this?  It's all a learning curve.  All I do know is I don't want my hubby on any of the bone building meds.  There is research on nanobacteria being implicated with that jaw death thing. 
And we know how I feel about bacteria.
Ah yes, the bone buiding meds.  Not sure what the % is for the jaw necrosis side effect.  If you find out let me know.  Bone demineralization can be stopped with proper measures and  you may not have to move on to the bone build. meds.  LindySilica is listed as an "essential" for arthritis in the Prescription for Natural Healing.  I went to the health food store, and its there in liquid form.  Good luck, as I am currently finding out about the pain of osteoporosis.