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Hello,I am new to this site.My father who passed away at the age of 59 suffered from arthritis and recall that his hands had began to cripple up,mostly in his fingers.I am now 49 years old,and had tunnel syndrome surgery on both hands in 2003.I am now starting to notice my hands are starting to look like my fathers.My pinky finger on my right hand is the worse.I can no longer straighten my pinky finger,and when I try to,it looks like the end of my pinky finger is goinging over backward.My index finger is also starting to do this,but not as bad as my Pinky finger,and also some of my toes are starting to space away from each other.Can someone help me?what is going on? I have been through so much here lately with my health,I am almost afraid to go see the doctor.I recently had to have a complete hysterectomy,and a hernia surgery.Should I be concerned about this?

I have the same problem, though I'm only 16. The ring finger on my left hand is crippled, the second knuckle cannot unbend and can only bend a little, the third knuckle (one closest to the fingertip) bends upward. I have limited mobility in all of my fingers, but that one is the worst. My doctor sent me to physical therapy, but she doesn't seem too worried about it....I am though. I've been considering Cortisone injections, but I'd rather have the more permanent surgery. What do you think? You've had surgery...was it worth it?


I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands and it was more than worth it...but I've not had an surgery to the fingers.  I've had many cortisone shots in them..but it only takes away the pain and stiffness, it didn't straighten them out. If I were 16 I would go for the permanent surgery.

Hi Marian! I'm a Marian too.

If your fingers don't work well or you have pain and numbness due to pinched nerves then a visit to a hand surgeon is in order. Then you can consider real risks and benefits...

There are a tremedous number of nerves in the hand - surgery is pretty painful. If lost function can be restored then it is worth it. I don't think I would do it to improve the way my hands look, if they worked ok.