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I'm confused and can't find the answer on the internets.  I'm on .8 (.08) injectable MTX.  Is that like 20 mg oral?  That's what I was on before.  I don't think my RD goes up to 25?  Anyway, just curious.Oh and the plaq. is still making me so sick.  And I'm being so lazy about taking it because i know that I am probably looking at going on Enbrel and it just seems like a waste.  I will try to keep being good about taking it...but ugh....I may not go on Enbrel in which case I need to keep taking it to see if it makes the MTX work at all/more/better but my current level of motivation is low...Hey,
Yup, 0.8 injection = 20 mg oral.   And I know, hard to stick with stuff you don't believe in, but don't stop any meds without a plan from your rheumy.  When you go off a drug, you may never be able to do well on it again -- so the decision to stop should be part of a plan.
- Joy

It's my understanding, that the same dose of injectable mtx is more effective than the same dose of oral mtx, pills, cuz you're bypassing the stomach.  Hope you see better results w/injectable mtx.   Take care.
Hi Katie,
I would encourage you to keep trying the meds you are currently on until you an your RD are sure they aren't working.  I was on remicade for about 4 months before it started working.  Then it worked great for about a year until my insurance changed and I couldn't take it for a few months.  When I started again it didn't work at all!!  So weird.  And from what my RD told me I cant go back on it again.  I am on Humira now-although with insurance had to stop that for about 6 weeks too.  But thanks to help from some friends
Hang in there!!