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So I woke up yesterday and felt a little more sore and stiff than I usually do (and normally my fingers are sore, but that's about it).  Today I laid in bed for over an hour becaue I hurt sooooo bad.  It hurt to wiggle my toes!  Not feeling that much better after a hot shower and up and moving for 51/2 hours. 

So that made me wonder about cold weather.  Earlier this week it was near 70 and now today its in teh 30's and damp, drizzley...just plain yucky!   So does cold make this worse?  If so, does that mean I'm going to feel like this all winter long????
What experiences have you guys had with winter weather?
Weather (rain, humidity, temperature, air pressure, phase of the moon, whatever) has never had a noticeable impact on pain/stiffness for me.  I find it isn't so much the cold or the heat, but the drastic change that makes me worse.  I used to feel even worse than usual every November/December and it would take a few weeks to get past.  The last two years it has been earlier, in September/October.The drastic change in weather makes me worse too.  I really don't understand it, but it does.

I have never noticed a connection with my RA and the weather.

Hi Hayley. I don't feel as well in cold weather. Especially cold, humid wet weather. Like the northeast in october and march, lol. I live in a dry climate, however cold and even though I am stiffer in the winter here, I'm not quite as stiff as when I visit back east in that kind of weather. I felt very good in Florida. My RA acts up most in the fall.

My doc told me it has something to do with low barometric pressure.Hi Haley,
I live in Iowa also and the last two days have hurt much more than my usual pains.
Interesting.  It seems like some are affected by the weather and some aren't.  I am not currently on any meds and I'mm not scheduled to go back to the RD until December 10.  But, if I still feel this bad Monday, I might try to get in sooner.
I wonder if it was more of the drastic change in weather, not the cold that is causing me so much pain.
Amy:  where in Iowa are you?  Did you get any of the snow, or just the cold yucky weather.
I feel the change in my body a day or two before the cold/wet weather comes. Also during hot weather if it rains, I get stiff and sore. I live in IL and we have hot humid summers and cold snowy winters. It doesn't help the ra that's for sure.For me........cold , wet, rain = stiffness, pain, swellingi feel like a stiff mess in cold damp weather I have decided that heat is worse than cold. There are certain diseases that the cold would effect. But as a rule a little bit of chilly is good for me. Cold weather doesn't bother me.  Humidity bothers my RA though.Lynn492008-11-08 17:08:08

Shame on you and this forum!

AchingAudrey2008-11-30 11:25:56Hi Haley, I hope you are doing better. I'm in Ames. We haven't gotten any snow yet, (knock on wood) but the cold and rain are awfull.Cold  hurts...cold and damp REALLY hurts.
Hot makes me unable to and humid makes me flop like a beached lung action at all.
Major weather changes get me.  This summer was flare city as we had the weirdest weather we've ever seen -- most days we had rain AND sun!  I've declared myself a Weather Girl! 

I think I read somewhere that the weather affects about half of arthritis victims ... er, sufferers.

- Joy
I always know a day or two before rain or cold is coming also.  People at work think I am nuts.  Also, if the temp has bottomed out during the night I know the second I wake up that it is really cold out there.  Just like you, stiff and takes forever to get moving.  Winter is usually my worst time but I live in NC and when a hurricane/tropical storm is approaching I hurt worse than sometimes in the winter.  We probably could all replace the highly paid mostly wrong weather forecasters Cold weather doesn't bother me. I live in a hot, humid climate but I fly out to Oregon several times a year. At home here in Florida I'm in constant pain (hands) and I've always been curious if the humidity makes it worse. Probably not, it's just the damage I have. But the pain is never worse in Oregon.Yep, it all has to do with the barometric pressure as well. I learned it makes you swell.jodejjr2008-11-13 11:48:18