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Does anyone have toes that are turning inward? They no longer point straight ahead but the toes on the right look as if they are reaching out to greet the ones on the left! My right big toe has really gotten bad...It is now looks like it is turning inward  about 30 degrees.  And the others are running a close race behind.

I have seen the reverse problem where the toes point outward in people and in pictures, but not this. 

Thanks for any input..this is really bothering me. I have a feeling that my ankles are having to overcompensate for the imbalance and that is why they hurt so bad after being on them for awhile.




My toes are going the same direction, inward. My left foot is worse than the right. I worry the whole foot will be deformed one day. Also, the tops of my feet hurt a lot and yesterday my toes were numb after shoppping awhile. Ever had that?


Yes! The top of the feet burning is about the worse. I haven't had any toe numbing though. I went through the top of my feet episode for about four months. Luckily, it seems to have subsided.

I am going to my ortho surgeon as soon as possible as the turning inward or "toeing" is getting worse. I looked down today and it looked as if the right big toe had moved more to the left overnight.

If you want I will let you know what he says about it.

My ortho had told me he may need to replace my foot joints one day, but he thought it may be years down the road or maybe even never. I think it may be time to work on that big to before it lands up sideways.

I had planned to have a little cosmetic surgery on my eyes this summer, but I think it may be my feet instead .   


Leslie13138689.9160648148yeah my toes as well have turned on my right side.  I have also lost the ability to bend my toes as well.


I kind of chuckled when I read about your toes.  I wrote a short poem about my toes as follows:

My toes are lost
Screaming, which way should we go!
North, south, east, west,
Need a compass.
Thereís a fork in the road
One toe yelled, take it!
Other toes are laughing,
Laughing hurts, causes pain.
Quick, need some heat
Ahhhh, thatís better.
The fact remains
Which way should we go?
Letís decide tomorrow.

Luv, Just me

Your poem is great! It gave me a chuckle this morning afer a very depressing night of fretting over these toes.

"Which way should we go" hit the nail on the head! It does look like the big toe took the fork and the others went the other way.



That was a cute poem. What do we do when we cant wear our shoes?



If it isn't a walking shoe or an open-toed sandal, I am sunk!

I found find a wide-shoe store nearby that helped me to find a lot of shoes I can tolerate for several hours if it is not several hours of constant standing.

I loved the Poem...

Thank you for sharing it...

I have always hated how my toes that they look even worse, I can not begin to tell you how much, I do not want to even look at them.

My toes, don't look like they are turning into any particular side but they look a whole lot shorter than they use to be ( they look sorta like hammer toes), plus, I can hardly bend them either and they always feel numb and cold.  I don't think they are suppose to be that way.  I have OA in my left foot and RA in my right foot, and to quite honest, the one with the OA is far more painful than the RA one.  Either way, they sure do hurt.

and... I never wear shoes that make my feet feel like they are in a vise...wide shoes and mules are more my speed these days.

Hope you all have a great week ahead of you.