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First off, I'll be visiting a doctor soon within the next few days but I was wondering if anyone on here had symptoms similiar to mine:

My knees turn red and warm to the touch towards the end of the day. My doctor and I thought it might be due to my exercising (I used to run a lot) so I laid off. However, the redness has become uncomfortable and the warmth has increased. However, my knees have no swelling which I know is a big symptom of RA. My knees are always fine in the morning and go red at night. Also, ice temporarily kills the redness, but it comes back.
Also, is there any connection between all of this and shin/arm splints?
hey YankeesFan.. Phillies fan here!!
Welcome.. and sorry you needed to find us.
I had some warmth but also had minimal swelling before flares.
what do you have shin/arm splints for?  Or do you mean shin splints you get from running on the wrong surface?
I got shin splints from running, and then I bought special shoes which fixed it...temporarily. I also get the same feeling in my forearms whens i do bicep curls/similiar exercises.
I'm not a big guy so I can pretty much feel my whole knee/kneecap, I don't see any swelling, just red and warm
Oh, and the rash is symmetrical on both kneesbump. hopefully somebody else had the same symptoms as i donope, do not know nothing about your symptoms.
I hope you get some answers soon. Please let us know what the doctor say, if you do not mind.
Well I decided I am going to go tonight so I will be sure toWhat kind of doctor? Your regular general practitioner, or a specialist like a rheumatologist? It could be so many different things. Best to get some bloodwork done. I have to see a urgent care physician. My first appointment with my new primary care doctor is in April. I'm going to ask for the ANA, RA, and ESR tests. That's what my doc up north said.
Also note: Other areas of my body, including my face, chest, legs, and feet sometimes get a warm red rash I suppose? It's not itchy and doesn't stay but I figure I'd tack that on.
There are a few different conditions that have the come and go rashes. I can not remember which ones. I have not read up on them for a year. Best of luck!!Could it possibly be psoriasis? Just a guess since you said other areas of your body are affected. I would think that would be itchy though?
Hopefully the doc will figure it all out for ya. I really, really hope you don't have RA, but if you do - you have a support group!
The doc is pretty much confused until the tests come back. I already tested negative for the ANA so Im getting the RA test and some other ones he ordered. He prescribed me naproxen for the pain so we'll see how it goes.
[QUOTE=YankeesFan]Oh, and the rash is symmetrical on both knees[/QUOTE]
OK.. I get a rash.. it's on the inside and behind the knees... it doesn't itch.. it is red raised little bumps.j. I get it when I am at my higher inflammation levels...
sound like yours???

Well Adult on set Stills has a rash that comes and goes and does not itch. You would also get a fever every day about the same time every day that would also come and go. Other things could also cause the rash even an abcessed tooth. I will keep looking I know there is one or two other diseases with a simalar rash that would also have joint pain. Actually I looked this up about a year and a half ago. I actually had a badly abcessed tooth. I had no idea all of the things it could do to my body. I was in a terrible flare and was taking pain meds. So I had two things going on at once and thought it was all connected.

lupus has a rashA rash could be from an allergy...maybe?