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I am still in the process of being diagnosed with RA or PA. My blood work is neg, I have scalp sores occasionally, hands and feet are slightly puffy and red. I also have vertical ridges on my finger nails and toe nails could this be a symptom of psoriatic arthritis or ra?


I have horrid, deep ridges on my fingernails. I had beautiful nails before RA.  I think it is common if you have RA. I can't grow my nails long and nothing seems to help. Tried Biotin but no luck. I had read that it is because our bodies don't absorb minerals correctly, but I don't know if that is the case.


Ridges here too...and my nails are always breaking



Add me to the list of vertical ridges on fingernails. They look like an old fashioned washboard when viewed from the side. I have one difference, my nails grow rapidly and they are strong.

Gingerdew, I like your handle. It sounds like a soft drink.


Interesting I also have vertical ridges but they only developed in the last ten years.  I ran across a book by a doctor one time that said that our nails say a lot about our health and ridges can mean something but I guess it is like so many other tests, etc., you can have a positive RH factor and not have RA or you can have RA with a negative RH factor.  Sures makes things more difficult.This page from American Family Physicians is interesting:


Folks the ridges are usually a sign with pa in Marie's case it would be pa due to the swelling of her toes and the sores on the scalp.  Marie do you have excessive dry scaley skin anywhere else like the base of your back elbows, knees etc.  you don't neccesarily have to have these other symptoms to have pa.  Enbrel will help clear up your scalp but unfortunately the ridges are here to stay.  I have both pa and ra with oa so even though your blood work says no on the ra factor it still can be there.  Ridges on nails can be a pain in the but and they definately do not help our nails to grow.  I have even tried nail strengthners but they don't seem to work.  What I hate with these diseases is the ugly nails we can end up growing on our toenails.  Mine get so thick and ugly then they fall off the rd says that is the pa.  We are just so lucky aren't we???!!!!

Another thread had mentioned teeth problems.  My teeth are just disintegrating on me. 

I guess it's a good thing I've finally made a doctor's appointment.  Sounds like I'm worse than I thought.

Seriously, since my RA has come out of remission I always feel like garbage.  Tired constantly, severe pain always, no appetite, no sleep, hurts to move.  Pain in joints I didn't even know I had.  But that's the only thing I noticed before, the pain.  I never thought about all of this other stuff.

I'm really glad I found this forum.  I'm feeling much more informed, and am better able to make my list of things to talk to the doctor about.  Before coming here, I would have gone in there with no complaints other than the pain.  And it sounds like I need to give him all of the information I can if I'm going to get any help.


Cris does your ra wake you at night?  my rd prescribed a mild sedative to take 3 to4 hrs before bed to relax the body.  It is an anitdepressant but in lower doses it helps keep your body relaxed to sleep.  Sometime I have to take it or my body doesn't allow me to sleep.

Hi meme,

Yes, my RA and/or Fibro wake me at night.  Before my RA went into remission, I was on Temazepam and Zoloft at night to help me sleep.  I know the Fibro is also flaring big time right now, and between the two I wake up in severe pain, unable to move without crying.

Unfortunately, the soonest I could get in to see the doctor is May 20th. Then it will be awhile, I'm sure, before I'll be able to get into the rheumy.  But that's ok, because it will give me time to keep a journal of symptoms, and reading the message boards will help me make sure I have a complete list. <G>




Try some of the over the counter sleep aids like nytol they may help even benydryl may help you relax because of the antihistamine, I wish I could help you out even more so you can get some rest.  Belive you me I know how you feel.  xoxoxoxo

ps Just take them occasionaly, they can dry out your sinuses so make sure to drink extra water.

meme38466.3734837963Holy Cow!!  Ya learn something new every day!!  I have ridges as well and had no idea it was a symptom of RA.  Peace & Love....NeasyNeasy38466.3605439815Omigod!  Someone here finally mentioned teeth!  I've been searching for an answer as to why my teeth are suddently so sensitive to cold.  I'm wondering if it's the RA itself, the prednisone, the methotrexate or something entirely unrelated.  Has anyone ever heard of this symptom?

My teeth had gotten terribly sensitive. Someone wrote me from another group and said that with RA your gums recede easier. That person recommended a particular brand of electric toothbrush ( I don't know if I am allowed to mention particular brands on this post) but it worked wonders!  All my sensitivity has left. I can even drink beverages with ice now!


Thanks--I though I was imagining things.  But if RA makes gums recede, then it makes perfect sense.  Can you email the brand name of the toothbrush?  slg@cox.net  I'm thinking it's probably the expensive one I've seen advertised lately, but would like to be sure before I buy it.  How long did you have to use it before you could stand having cold food? Sara38466.7366550926

I just noticed the ridges myself this weekend...I'm not sure if this is just now happening; or I'm just now noticing. Very odd that I would read this post today.

You never feel odd or alone when you come here.

Thanks for reminding me of that.


I agree Lovie.  And these boards hold a wealth of information, support, and encouragement.

Thanks everyone!



Ridges here too! Like someone up thread said they look just like an old fashioned wash board.

They're more prominent on some fingers than others. I have always noticed them but never gave them much thought. My nails are weak, thin and peel easily. They're also very dry.

Knock on wood - no teeth problems.

well, how bizarre is that, i'm sitting at pc, filing ridges on nails with the nifty four sided nail file thingy my little sister gave me for exactly that problem and i sign in here and there's this thread!

and i am now going to say neener to my mother on the teeth problems! she's convinced i don't look after them and they keep falling apart.  which is not a good thing when you're terrified of the dentist!

but i have to say my nails are quite strong and grow quite well except the thumbs, but thats coz i bite them

softly huggles to all

I had pitted nails for a long time and now have pitting and ridges. Since starting therapy a few years ago the pitting is less but I have also been eating better. I think the nutrients in your body affect your nails/ hair a lot... I miss my smooth nails but in the scheme of things I guess it is very small... 

Vertical Ridges?  Gee, and here I thought it was just old age!  Now that I think of it, I got them about the same time as the onset on adult onset still's disease!

It's a relief to know I'm in an elite club, rather than just old.




IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU CAME BACK TO THE BOARD TO VISIT!!!!!  I know several of the oldies will be gald to see you here!!!  xoxoxox

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