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Hi everyone.

I have probably already asked this of everyone. Can't remember. Do you guys have any snapping in your tendons/ligaments? I have so so so so many tendon areas that snap and pop. It just worries me that one day my tendons will snap in tow. My ankles, left elbow, shoulders, and groin on both sides snap incessantly! I am sure i am repeating myself. My rheumy says it is from inflammation, but, as written before, i have no visible inflammation, just effusions and tendonitis that show up on MRI's. Bone marrow edema as well. It just freaks me out.

I should mention that before all the pain began, i had NO clicking at all. This has been going on for almost 2 years. There is PAIN associated with ALL the snapping and clicking. I am waiting for azulfidine to work, and ibuprofin releives some pain, but by no means all. None of the other NSAIDs (relfain, voltarin, naproxin) worked. Prednisone works WONDERFULLY, but youi can't stay on that forever.

By the way, all blood work is normal, so i am sero-negative. RF normal...spondyloarthropathy is my DX.

Just wondering if anyone has these snapping sensations as well.



I have some EVERYTIME I go down the steps in the morning my ankles will pop; and just this week I've noticed my back doing it. I've had a horrible time with my back lately as you might have read somewhere on this recent development concerns me. It's not painful as you mentioned....just odd to me; especially in my back now.

I'll have occational knee and hip popping....but my ankles are the most frequent.

Ankles, knees, hips and elbows.  If I push myself to sit upright my back crunches and my sternum pops.  Sometimes it is painful sometimes just uncomfortable.  I suppose that depends on the amount of inflammation.


Snap, crackle, pop 'rice crispies' are a fact of life for me. I really can't remember when I didn't have rice crispies.

I don't think about the 'racket' much. Usually just a little embarressing when other notice it.

Getting stuck on a boulder is a different matter and that hurts like crazy.

But do your snaps, pops, and clicks hurt?

Mine are very painful...

Rarely are mine painful. On occations....but rarely.

I'd have that checked out if you haven't already.

Good Luck.

I have been checking it out for almost two years now. My dr. hear it, but don't know what to make of it. It is the obly "observable" symptom i have, since i do not have any swelling or redness. If it werent' for the clicks, in fact, probably no one would even believe me.

DOesn't mean i like them. They really are painful, and they all came around the same time. One week i didn't have them, next week i did. It is like i don't fit in my joints and sockets anymore. I was told by a chiro that it is ligament laxity, but that doesn't explain it or help it.

I was hoping i would find someone with something similar. I feel like i am the only one in the world with this problem. I just wonder how mcuh worse it is going to get. Even when i take prednisone and the pain subsides, the clicking remains. My rheumy said it is inflammation, but i know this is just her best guess.

Thanks. I am glad your clicking is benign.


Today my left ankle keesp popping and it makes me crazy.

yes - all of them.  all the time.  loudly.

i annoy myself!

When i was diagnosed my RD used clicking joints as a sign. Obviously she didn't base the diagnosis on that alone. If i'm having a flare it happens all the time everytime i move anything. It settles when the RA is settled though. I get it mainly when i'm in pain Morning and Nights mainly.


i get it too, in my right elbow. it's terribly painful & my arm usually gets stuck when i bend it. if i move my lower arm around enough, it usually will pop back into place without pain. Yes, I have the snapping and popping in my joints. Most of the time it's in my knee and doesn't hurt but sounds bad as it is loud. Over time, the knee has become misaligned and my foot is at a funny angle. Still can walk but have to wear flat shoes.
Now for the last few months, my shoulder has snapped and popped but it's different from the knee. With every pop comes the pain and lost of range of motion. After awhile the othro dr. took a x-ray and then order a MRI. I have a torn rotator cuff, which has to be repair.
Not all popping and snapping is bad as it may just be the tendon loosing it's flexibilty and needs to be moved in a certain motion to gain back the flexibilty.
But if it's painful and within a few weeks it doesn't improve then you need to see a doc.
Hope that this helps and that you feel better.


Yep.  My knees  snap, crackle and pop all the time. Once at the RD office when I stood up when they called my name, my knee snapped so loud it sounded like a rifle shot.  The girls in reception laughed and told me I won the noisy joint contest that day.

My knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders pop. The knees hurt a lot when it happens.  Ankles less so.

I have baker's cysts  in both knees as well.