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My doctor has recommended Synvisc for OA in my knee. I would like to hear either positive or negative, from anyone who has been treated with it. Thank You

My mother has had several cortisone injections over the years. she began a series of one shot per week for 3 weeks 2 weeks ago. she said after her first injection her knees do not hurt hardly at all.

I have never been treated with Synvac but my rheumatologist said if physical therapy doesnt help, she will give me Synvac which to me, sounds like a good thing.  Dont be scared...It can only helpAs far and the Synvisc, I have asked about it and in my case, my knees are too far gone and it will not help because of how bad the arthritis is along with the fact that I do not have any cartlidge left in either of my knees.  My insurance would have covered the shots, but it does cost around 0 for the three treatments.  You are to get a shot one each week for 3 weeks and each case is different, so just get a good reliable orthopedic surgeon to let you know after they see your MRI and xrays.  I HAD THE SYNVISC SHOTS IN BOTH KNEES. IT DID PRETTY GOOD FOR ME FOR AROUND 5-6 MONTHS. IN FACT, IT REALLY DID PRETTY GOOD. I WAS ABLE TO DO ALOT MORE THAN I HAD BEEN. AFTER THAT I STARTED DOING THE CORTIZONE AGAIN AND NOWWE ARE TRYING THE HUMIRA INJECTIONS AND HOPING THAT WILL SLOW DOWN THE FLARES. I DO THINK THE SYNVISC WAS DEFINATELY WORTH IT THOUGH. IT IS MADE FROM SOMETHING IN THE ROOSTER COMB AND IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING WITH EGG I BELIEVE, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE IT, SO YOU MAY CHECK THAT OUT. GOOD LUCK AND LET US KNOW IF YOU GO THROUGH WITH THEM. MELODY I had my first Synvisc treatment in Nov 2004.  At first the pain increased during the injection period (you get a few injections spaced a few weeks apart) But after two months it gave me pretty good relief for about a 6 month period (I'd say about 50% of my total pain went away) and then the pain slowly returned.  I am now going in for my second set of Synvivsc shots, hoping for relief for the summer activities.  I am 40 years old with severe OA in my knee.  I am hoping to put off a knee replacement for as long as I can. 

Everyone has a different outcome to the treatment, but I would definitely recommend trying it.

Good luck!
40withOA38834.7179513889Synvisc was great for me. I had it done in both knees while I was going for physical therapy. It typically only works six months. It's been about three years. I have no cartiledge in my knees. But I do not have the same kind of pain that I did before. It was definitely worth it. I also wear knee braces though. I would say it was the combination. But before it, I couldn't walk.

I'm jealous!

I wish Synvisc worked for the hips, but I guess it doesn't.  My doctor said that they do it sometimes if you have a special occasion like a wedding or a trip that you want to feel better for, but that when used on the hips the results are very short-lived.

I told the doctor I want some caulking squeezed into my hip joints.  Seems like a very simple thing to me!  LOL

I'm glad to hear that Synvisc is helping you folks.  That's awesome!

I had synvisc in August of 2004.  It began wearing off in thepast 6 weeks or so.  Last week my Dr. began injection of round 2. He did say that some people have a hard time the second time, but I did fine.  I highly recommend it. 

Hi, My name is Karen. I had Synvisc injections in my right knee a few years ago. First, they drain any fluid that might have accumulated on the knee, then they do the injection. I had good results with mine, but was told that not everyone is alike and that it might not work for everyone. Each person is different. Mine lasted for about 1 1/2 years. I then had to go in and have it cleaned out, then 4 years later, which was this January 9th, I had a full knee replacement done. Best thing I ever had done. My Dr told me that the inside of my knee looked like an 80 year old woman's and I'm only 54. I can now walk up stairs without any pain whatsoever. If you try the injections, let me know how you do with them. You do have a little swelling after you have it done, but it's really not bad at all. Take care.I completed the third set of Synvisc injections in my knees, last Wed......Dr. said it would probably be a week or two before I see any effect.....So far , very little......Will keep you posted.I enjoyed reading everyone's remarks about synvisc.  Not many of you who tried it mentioned your age, and I understand it is less effective in older people.  I am 84 years old.  I would be grateful if you would tell me your response to the medications and also mention how old you are.