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anyone else experience this?

One of my teeth does this 1-2 times a year. It started a couple of years back and last time it done it was some time beginning of the year.
I did not know that is what it was called, until the other day when I was doing some research on Fibro and came across an article that talked about fibro casuing teeth splintering. Says it is from your silva being too acidic and it causes your teeth to splinter.
Nope, have never had any experience with teeth splintering. What does you dentist do for it...a crown?Have not been to a dentist. Scared of them. I do not have bad teeth nor cavities. So... no need from one of them.
It is just where one of 2 of my teeth will have a small sliver of the tooth break off. It is not noticable, because I have a lot of crowding. and it is mostly like the tooth separates from front to back, so the front of the tooth is still there and strong.
You do need a dentist Joonie. Take it from someone who was too scared to go to the dentist for years. Close to ,000 later I'm about over my phobia.
Go now and head off any problems before they start. Your pocketbook will thank you later.
splintering...... never heard of that
sounds really bad joonie... I agree w/ lovie
Actually where the tooth splinters off, my other tooth next to it moves closer to it.
Nope, not going to a dentist. They have LOOOONG needles and they want to pull my teeth. and then I have wisdom teeth that are still trying to come thru my gums.
I do not have any teeth pain or gum pain or any kind of pain. It is just weird that it does it.
Trust me....you'll have pain; and it will strike at the worst possible moment and you'll be begging for any dentist to take you.
I'm not going to preach about not going to the dentist because I didn't go for years. Looking back though....I wish I hadn' t been so stupid. Could have saved me a lot of trouble.
HI Joonie, yes I have splintering but mine apparently is from the constant pred for 9 years, enamel gets ruined and teeth are crumbling.  I am scared to go to the dentist as well though, if not for pain, then the cost!!!!!  Hugs Janie
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janiefx12009-07-07 18:12:24I'm with Janie.....scared of the cost!!!.  I know I have some major work to be done but between spinal fusion, hip replacement, husbands root canal......the cost is prohibitive.  It's one of the things that insurance doesn't cover very well.  I really need to go but just keep putting it in the too hard box. All of you that aren't seeing a dentist regularly, really need to think about moving it up on your priority list. Dentistry has changed A LOT in the past 5-10 years, and it's not a painful as it once was. Do it now, before you lose you teeth!Well... cost is another thing. We were sending daughter to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and her cavities fixed and all. And then we got the bill. We had to pay 0 for her 3 visits. They sealed 4 of her baby teeth, cleaning and something else. We were shocked that hubby's insurance did not pay more. It was because she had baby teeth still. Then less than a month after we paid them the 0, she lost all her baby teeth!
While we were looking thru the insurance info to find out why they did not pay more for her dental care, we found out just how crappy his dental insurance is. They only let you get 2 cleanings a year. They will only pay upto 00 per family, then the rest you have to pay, until the next year.
He pays 0 a month in premiums.
I still will not go because of the needles. Besides we do not have the money for any of us to go. And if one of us does go, it would have to be an emergency.
joonie2009-07-08 00:05:37

Joonie a lot of your whole well being depends on your oral health. Having dental problems causes a lot of health issues.

I have been going to the dentist since i was 4. Every 6 months. I had good teeth no cavities etc until later years. I worked for a dentist in my 20's so carried on with good oral hygiene etc.
Then I had wisdom teeth problems, this caused a gum problem and within 6 months  I had lost 4 teeth and the beginings of RA. I have seen my dentist on a regular basis but have now lost 5 teeth from the other side, I have had 6 root canals and 6 crowns , a plate with 5 teeth to replace the ones that I lost. All my remaining teeth are loose as the bone is deteriating. Not form poor hygiene but from Sjogrens and the RA. I have TMJ also and sleep with a gum shield.
I still am 100% behind seeing a dentist on a regular basis.I have just been very unlucky. All 3 of my children see the dentist, they have got lovely teeth, my son has just had his braces removed.
Joonie if you are scared then ask for something to calm you down.
Joonie, you should have your teeth cleaned, if nothing else, twice a year.  Why pay 0 a month if you're not taking full advantage of the benefits, two cleanings a year for each of you?  IT'S FREE! No needles necessary for a cleaning, and plaque is an invisible troublemaker, ESPECIALLY with all of the recent studies and links between gum disease and RA.  If you haven't gone to the dentist in a long time, there is no way you don't have plaque buildup. 
Just go for the cleanings! 
Don't know but good luck.
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