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Do any of yall have crazy fingernails? My nails on both hands on the three middle fingers grow flat and bend in odd places. I wondered if nail deformity was a side effect of having RA.  No one else in my family has nails like mine.  They just grow really crazily. Wondering...

I have been wondering why my nails have been doing that for about the past 6 months. Mine grow sort of flat but on each corner they turn up. I do know that ridges on the nails base can be a sign of anemia, that is mostly why doctors look at nails, it is a good sign with out the blood work. I also have my little finger nails that are turning under and almost making a point, they have never done this before and are about 1 inch long.


I know a characteristic of Psoriatic Arthritis is pitted nails. Are yours pitted at all? I don't seem to have any problems yet with the nails.


No they are not pitted. Just flat and bending on one side or the other.I noticed flattening of my nails as well before I was dxed, my nails on my feet are really strange too.  It maybe fungus but I'm not sure.  My feet look absolutely horrid between the strange nails and deformities I have always had flat, weak and ugly nails that could never grow beyond a certain length. I now have acrylic tips. What a difference! My swollen knuckles don't look as ugly

Aint it fun? WE are so UNIQUE!


My toes and fingers curl up on the end which I have read is a classic sign of RA.


I never even gave thought to the ends of the finger or toes curling up, very interesting . Looking at my fingers I do see the curling and I guess I'll look at toes later, I'm on my way to see Rhemy today. After the bad storms here in Oklahoma the last few days, Ive' been in bad shape, if I can remember to ask about this I will.

My RD had me see an orthopedic spine doctor not too long ago. He studied my fingers a long time and said "I could tell you have RA from your fingernail beds" I asked him what he meant and he said "Your nails spoon on the ends" He said that's very common with RA. I'd never thought about it too much; but I do have very strong nails and they can grow really long. I don't grow them too long though because they'll start looking like claws due to the fact that they "Spoon under" like that doctor said.

I told him I thought it was odd that no one else had ever mentioned it. He just strugged like he was the smartest doctor ever. So who knows....I haven't been back to see him since he never bothered to call me after my MRI. Wasn't too impressed with his manners

My toes are the same way.  If they are cut too short it's VERY painful but if they grow too long they yes, cut in.    

I didn't realize that this was a sign of RA.   IF so... I've had it longer than what they originally diagnosed.

My nails have ridges and are constantly splitting and breaking. The thumb nails each have a long split down the middle and this never seems to grow out. They are so brittle they are always breaking off.Needless to say I have to keep them very short.

Well, I guess my nails are not so strange after all! I guess it is part of the RA---woohoo! Well, mine were getting really crazy looking so I cut them today. There is just a little bit of length and the nails look nicer but now my fingers look stubby again. The longer nails help to distract from the swollen fingers and knuckles!Hi Everyone!

OMG!  I have spent the last two hours reading through these posts and am amazed, overwhelmed and thoroughly exhausted!

I finally got my GP to refer me to a Rheumatologist after many, many office visits.  I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy!  I also was able to convince her to send me to a OBGYN and asked about a podiatrist!

This all started about 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with PCOS, thyroid cysts and PID, *thank you ex-hubby*.  I have more MRI brain scans, Pelvic Ultrasounds, x-rays, and bloodwork than I thought possible, with everything always coming back negative for sed rate, RF, etc.

After reading so many of your posts, I am even more convinced, I'm really not crazy!  My fingernails are long, strong and curved such that, my students, *high school* insist I do coke, because they are great scoopers.  I've had my right great toenail removed and killed completely because it curved under so bad, I couldn't cut it anymore without getting ingrown. My left one is doing the same thing as are some of my other toenails. 

I have such horrible menstrual cycles, I cramp and bleed to the point of fainting and vomiting, miss work and have been to the ER a few times for help with the pain!  The OBGYN is recommending a hysterectomy, since I already have had my children and this oven is closed! :) 

My feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands are always so sore, achey and painful I cry myself to sleep or wake up crying because they hurt so bad, especially my hands and feet joints. My finger joints are always red, swollen and tender! I was told it's bunions, wear better shoes, don't type so much or write so much, it will get better.  None of this gets better.

I have been on Ibuprofen for the pain, which helped to a degree for a while, but also tore up my stomach, that I am now on Zantac 300mg and schedule for an Upper GI.  I also have been having IBS symptoms.  Tylenol does nothing for the pain, Vicoden does help, but makes me even more tired than I already am.  I am know taking Celebrex, waiting to see if it does anything as it's only been a week, 200mg 1x daily.

I also take Paxil for depression, no wonder I'm depressed!  LOL  I can easily sleep 12 hours a day, but this really isn't an option as I am the single mom of two active teenage daughters!  They don't understand... most ppl think I'm just overdoing it and should take it easy more often... what are they talking about, I get home from work, plant my butt on the couch and don't move!

I am so grateful to have found this site and thank each and everyone of you for sharing!  I see the Rheumy in May, let's just hope I can hold on that long!  I have really good things about this dr. as well, so i am encouraged!

Thanks Again!

Hi and it sounds like you have been through hell.  Alot of people here have gone for years being misdiagnosed.  There really a lack of awareness when it come to diagnosing this ds.  So many doctors focus on just one symptom instead of looking at the bigger picture. It is hard for other people to understand what we are going through.

So made me laugh about you 'coke nail' comment. Arent teenagers wonderful

It really sounds like your doctor is going overboard on some of the things like the upper GI.  If you stop taking the Ibuprofen and the need for the zantac goes away...then why do you need to go ahead with the test. Are you still having 'gi' problems?

Well, welcome to the boards...I know you will find a ton of support here!

Hello Terinski

Welcome to AI and so glad that you still have eyeballs left....

I'm another one with a history of PCOS, ( the weird menstrual cycle, cramps, ages between cycles causing flare-ups and unfortunately, due to having it,no kids) and RA.  I'm 47, have had RA for 20 years now.  It does get better, or at least more managable with the right meds.  Keep your chin up.


It's amazing what you find out on here!!

It's good to have to here. It's kind of like a "Ah-ha" moment when you first read all these post and hear so many simular stories isn't it? I know what you mean.

Hope to see more of you here.