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I have recently gone back to drinking a cup or two of coffee in the morning. I love it-the smell-the taste-the ritual. However, I now notice a big increase in my inflammation in the morning and throughout the day. I didn't have this when I was drinking my hot water with lemon in the morning. I was told to drink hot water with lemon because it detox's the liver. (Helps to detox the liver when you are on MTX)

Anyone else notice this??

I have not noticed a difference when drinking coffee, but we can have different reactions.  I would stop drinking it for a few days and see if the inflammation goes down..then you can figure that is probably the cause.

Or could you try decaf?  I wonder how caffeine affects things...hmm.

TrainingGirl38847.2109953704I've never tried giving it up. I drink about a pot & half each day. I love the taste and would fall out without the caffine. I'll go back to the hot water with lemon tomorrow and give it a few days. I'll post how I feel...hopefully it will be better.I havent noticed any difference either. Some days I drink coffee and some days I dont. I have been reading alot on caffine lately that says that unless you have some heart related conditions that caffine is actually good for you. But, there are always exceptions to everything. I would test it out and see what happens.

I havent quit my coffee yet, but stopped almost all refined sugar in my diet(just trying to live alittle healthier) and have noticed that my over all pain has gone down alittle. Do you take sugar and cream in your coffee? I tried to cut out the caff. coffee but turned into a werewolf, so decided it was best for everyone just to take babysteps, sugar first, coffee later! 

Hot water and Lemon....hmmmm, have to try it, is it medically backed?


I take my coffee with a little milk or soy milk. I am off all refined sugar as well. It depends on how "evolved" your doctor is. My Rheumie is in a practice at a major hospital network in Chicago area. They also have an integrative medicine program with an internist who studied with Dr. Andrew Weil. I work with my rheumie & the integrative med doctor. They really advise to eat a "clean" diet. I was off sugar, dairy, caffeine and all processed foods for a long time and I felt absolutely great. It is a hard lifestyle to maintain with kids etc. I am going to try and get back on that wagon. I feel like my meds work better when my whole diet and self is "alligned".

I will get back on the hot water w/lemon tomorrow!!! and I will let you know!

Arabica coffee helps in treating asthma and headaches. Low land coffee like Robusta coffee is no good.

Coffee narmally will not affect swelling. Probably lemon, milk or soy milk as acidic fruits, dairy and soya bean's products are sensitive foods to some in arthritis.

Natural foods help to fight arthritis.


Lemons...while an acidic fruit become alkaline in the body. I drink 48 ounces of water with a fresh lemon reamed into it, everyday. This helps my inflammation immensely. Try it!!




I stopped drinking coffee and sodas after my flare.  Every now and then I'll get one or the other.  I don't really notice a difference - I just don't want to take any chances!  To take their place, I've started drinking hot green tea (one flavored with either berries or lemon - I can't quite hack the plain one yet) and flavored water.  The green tea has some caffeine, just not as much as coffee.  It is supposed to be a natural anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, and just generally good for you.  I also heard that if you substitute green tea for coffee for a month, you'll lose up to ten pounds (who knows - it sounds good, though).  I need all the help I can get!

Izzie,I love the Green Tea with Blueberry by Celestial Seasonings.

Did you see where FDA claims green tea does not have any healthful benefits for you???!!!

ps I enjoy chamamiolle tea very good for the stomach and for relaxing before bed

My digestive consultant turned me on to licorice tea. It is great in the late afternoon. It is great for the gut and digestive system!