Knuckles are getting bigger and bonier | Arthritis Information


Is this normal ?

How can I reduce it? I still have not been diagnosed with anything, and it will be a while away. I'm going nuts!

Thanks xo


I don't know what's normal for RA and knuckles swelling. I can't remember if you said you already went to your GP.

I would try your GP, Urgent Care or the ER. I do think that whatever is going on needs to be addressed right away. If you have Raynaurd's or arthritis, a visual exam should be able to tell you something.

Push whomever you have to get it looked at. If you have a Rheumy appointment, call their office and tell them that it is getting rapidly worse and can you get a walk in appointment, a cancelation, anything.

Try any and all of these until you get an answer. Don't settle for less.

I think it's a pretty normal part of both RA and OA the difference being which knuckles are affected. You want to avoid putting undue stress on joints that hurt or are swollen and try to use larger joints to do the work. For example, if you have to carry your handbag, put it over you arm or shoulder rather than carrying in in your hand, or better yet, use a fanny pack. Make your loads as light as possible. When I know I have to use swollen hand joints I wear splints. They are knit gloves with the fingers cut off and have velcro straps that go around the wrist. I used them this summer when I had to push a wheeled suitcase and when I had to move at school. There are many different kinds. Mine are cheap ones you can buy at Long's for about :00. As you get diagnosed and treatment starts, your swelling should come under control. In the meantime treat your joints with TLC. Hot baths, wax dips, and cold compresses help too.

Thanks Ladies.

Its weird, when I lay my hands flat, you cant see it, but i can feel a lump when I touch it.

When I make a fist I look so weird and lumpy and odd shaped and sized.

Does this go away with medication, or am I doomed? I hate this so much!!!!!


When you are flaring, any joint that you use alot is going to swell and since it is swelling in the joint, they often just get a knobbiness to them rather than the more visible edema that you see with fluid retention. An ice pack and an anti-inflammatory like advil or motrin may help some...but you may need stronger meds which can only be perscribed by your doctor.

Sounds like what happens at the beginning of ulnar drift of swan neck deformity.  Your knuckles appear to be huge rocks instead of blending in.  This, of course, happens over time.  If your knuckles became that way over night or over the course of a day or so it could be something more serious.

My knuckles look like marbles.  Nothing has helped them.  I am getting surgery done a week from tomorrow that will help me cosmetically (which I don't really care about) and most importantly physically.  They will clean out the joints, fix some tendons, cut some muscles and maybe replace a few MCP joints.