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I have had RA properly for since Feb.  I say properly as I suspect now that it was building up for maybe even a couple of years before it showed its ugly face.

It started aggressively in my feet and my feet continue to be the only part of my body still causing me trouble.  I noticed around July when I was diagnosed, that my one toe was at a different angle, kind of to the side in a curve.  Now even though on the MTX I feel like my toes are becoming, well kind of, weird and one toe on each foot feels kind of numb or like its not in the right place, cant explain.

Does anyone recognise this?  Are my feet becoming deformed?



My feet were deformed slightly when I was born. Then getting JRA at 18months didn't really help. I've had all kinds of shoe insterts to try to help, but nothing seems to work. My toes all lean together towards the outside of my feet. If I apply too much pressure to the balls of my feet, I find that my toes go numb, or tingle REALLY hard. Too much pressure for me, is standing on my toes for 10 seconds. It may be that the type of shoes you're wearing don't help your toes or feet. Try talking to your doc about seeing a going to misspell this...podiatrist? Haha a foot doctor!! They can make you neat little things to go in your shoes to correct the way you walk/stand, and comfort your feet. Hopefully it'll work better for you than it did for me! As far as buying shoes goes...always something comfy, and I always end up going a 1/2 size bigger, My feet just don't bother me that way. The second I have a lace just SLIGHTLY tight, they go crazy. Slip ons have become my friend. :) Just talk to your doc! And good luck!Thanks Katie, good advice.  Ive been to the podiatrist and wear insoles, they help a lot.  There is something funny going on inside my toes, I can feel it Yeah, I don't know beyond that. Just keep letting Docs know that it's bothering you. Don't give up!My mum had RA, and her toes shifted position over time - became hammertoes - where the toes cross over one another. Definitely let your doctor know. My big toe on my right foot does that over the second toe. But I was born that way. Apparently I was a gymnast in my mom's belly, and was somehow sitting(???) indiand style, with my feet pressed on her belly. I screwed myself from birth! Hahahaha! And then to have RA on top of it, they've only gotten stranger. And I def relate to the numbness and tingling in your toes. Sometimes I wake up that way, and I can't figure out why. It's kinda of annoying really.

Wendy - I get that numbness too - on my left foot the second toe.  I too see a podiatrist - my feet have been bad too - I think it's where mine started also. 

All I can provide you with is "Yep, me too"  Oh, and my Mom also has RA - she's got hammer toes - but her's came within a year of breaking them.

Well I am hoping that the treatment puts a stop to it and its disconcerting that they are still feeling like the disease is progressing.
This RA is scarey!  I actually feel a bit emotional today because of my toes!!!  How dumb!  Its not like they are all that painful either.

Thanks all

Aww, don't get discouraged wendy! Just think, somewhere someone is doing an operation, removing someone's toes a putting it on their hands for fingers. It could be worse!!!!!!! You get to keep your toes! Even if they do feel funny. At least you can walk around and talk to them. That's what I do anyway. Haha

Just trying to lighten the mood!


Having got some mobility back in the fingers since wearing the splint, the feet and toes remain the only other major problem. Take pain killers as well as RA meds and since it hasn't got worse in several months am hoping that's as far as it will go. Damm painful at times and inconvenient. Seeing a physio next week and may get some good advice. Everyone says you should walk daily but after a walk it hurts. Dunno.

Katie, it sounds like you might have the beginnings of peripheral neuropathy.  I've had RA for nine years with secondary Sjogren's.  I was diagnosed with PN about four years and take Neurontin and see a neurologist for this condition.  Below is the description for PN.  See if you think it applies.

Peripheral Neuropathy

The areas of the body most commonly affected by peripheral neuropathy are the feet and legs. Nerve damage in the feet can result in a loss of foot sensation, increasing your risk of foot problems. Injuries and sores on the feet may go unrecognized due to lack of sensation. Therefore, you should practice proper skin and foot care. Rarely, other areas of the body such as the arms, abdomen, and back may be affected.

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may include:

Yeah, my toes all kind of point outward, and some of the ones in the middle kind of overlap. But they don't tingle or ever feel numb or anything, at least not that I have noticed. My biggest toe problem is the fact that I have this callus problem on the big toe of my left foot. I guess it must be because of the fact that the big toes on my feet angle outward a bit, and when I walk, I put a lot of pressure and friction on the outter-bottom part of my toes. But for some reason, it's only really bad on my left toe. Sometimes gets so painful I can barely walk. You wouldn't think that something as small as toes could have that big of an affect, but they do. It hasn't been bothering me so much lately though. I do know that the type of shoes you wear can make a big difference though, and I'm sure any kind of special soles, or inserts would also make a difference. just have to see what works for you. And, of course, see a doctor if things get  too bad.

Take care of those little piggies folks,


ally - would this include sensations in the leg? As of last week, I've developed a new one. If I've been lying down, or sitting for a while, when I stand up I get this cold/metalic/wet sensation down my right thigh. It goes from about my panty line to my knee (tmi, I know, sorry) It's in a stright line as well, which makes me nervous. I thought for sure I just slept wrong, but it's going on a week now, so I'm confused.

My feet have been a big problem for 13 years.  I have had surgeries on my toes because of RA making them slant towards the other toes.  My joints in the toes towards the base become inflammed.  Many times the inflammation itself will press on the nerves that lead up to the toe.  That can cause numbness especially if they feel inflammed or if you stand on them too much.  I am due for a revision surgery on my toes end of October.  I have had 3 foot surgeries in the past year because of RA.  I go to a podiatrist.  They are best trained for feet problems.