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Has anyone had this? Since this started I have had a raised section on my hand down near wrist in line with pointer finger.. Its not raised much, but it is fairly large. Last night it had a little pulse in it! What on earth am I growing here? I really hate this :(HI Tam, I have not written on the board for a while due to being in too much pain but I am back and can tell you I am happy to try and help you.  I had a very similar lump, mine used to swell and then decrease in size occasionally, my rheumy from memory said it was inflammation and after I had my hand surgery, where the synovium was removed from all the joint linings and the carpal tunnel nerve was released, this lump went away, I was glad as it was very painful, apparently there was inflamed synovium wrapped all around the tendons and ligaments but after a clean out it is great, hope this helps, kind regards Janie.   Tam.
I just went to the doctor yesterday for a lump like the one you are describing.  Mine is on the thumb.  He said its a synovial cyst, that the synovial fluid is inflammed.  He tried to extract the fluid and put in cortisone... but it hurt so much I had him stop with the needle.  He said it's not a rheumatoid nodule (I thought it may be one), and that if it's not too discomforting, I can let it go and it may go down on its own.  The pain of the needle was worse than I could tolerate.. so I'm going to let it do its thing...  for now! 
Is it painful?  Good luck with the lump!
vicki, do you remember the disc. of the funny lumps in my wrist? Do you suppose that's the same thing??? Maybe that's half of why my wrist hurt so much more than anything else?Hi,

I've had these soft "lumps" on both wrists at different times and my DR
treated both with cortisone. He says they are indicative of inflamed tendons
and are not a growth or nodule. They went away within three days and I've
had no problems since. Wish other conditions were this easy to fix!


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