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I thought I already posted this.  I have been advised to go on time released morphine.  I like the percocet as I can take it as needed.  The morphine would be everyday.

What are your opinions?

 Im shocked that you have been prescribed those pain medications so freely. Do you have severe damage? My doctor has me on vicadin for a damaged elbow joint, however I have to take three of them just to get a bit of relief I think Liz takes time release morphine, and she likes it a lot. I think that's who it was.....O.o Morphine makes Justin crazy so we try to avoid it. It's worth a shot, especially for you Roxy. You deserve an IV drip IMO. LOLRoxy, have they suggested you go to a pain clinic or pain specialist at all?  I would think that would be where you could get help in making decisions like this, and get answers to any questions you have.  That would be my suggestion - before you make your decision.

I'd think hard about it. Julie is addicted to morphine and other pain meds. The withdrawal symptoms are terrible. We just went through that again. Trip to the ER, her sweating and vomiting for hours on end. And, there's not much they can do but give her more of these addictive meds.

Morphine is also sedating.

Julie takes Soma, Oxycotin and Morphine. It is extremely easy for people to get addicted on this mix. That's why I'm personally worried about what the Pain Management Center is going to suggest.

Over time the effectiveness of these meds wear off. Julie found this out when she had gallbladder surgery and pancreatis. They had to take her off all her meds and it was days of withdrawal.

Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. But do it with open eyes. Julie does have an addictive type personality. She smokes. She can't drink because it causes terrible problems. But this was her decison.

I think I going to ask for a different route. Also, these meds destroy your teeth.

My Pain Management appointment is next Wednesday. I'll update you on what they offer me.

Also, keep in mind who you live with. What if either Kelsey or Brett got hold of something that strong.

Hard decision. But the morphine will help your pain.

I like the time released Morphine.  I do not take it everyday.  I have not experienced the withdrawl symptoms that Deanna's daughter has had when I do not take it.  I found for me, that until my body got used to the morphine it made me a little drowsy and I would nap for about an hour.  I only take morphine with an occasional vicodin backer if I am uber bad and no other pain meds.  I have spoken with an addiction counselor before (I have a daughter addicted to a street drug), and I asked her about the addiction factor with the morphine and any other pain killer.  What I was told was that if taken properly (proper dosage at the proper time) that the chance for addiction is very slim.  It is when our pain meds stop working and we have to take more than the prescribed amount is when the chance of addiction becomes higher.  Also, some people have what they call an addictive personality.  I also asked my family practice doc and rheumatologist and they told me the same thing also.  I had the addiction question when I was prescribed the morphine.  I have an excellent family practice doc and rheumatologist and tend to trust what they say.  Please remember, this is one opinion and only what I have been told by the people I have spoken with. 

Taking any medication comes with side effects and risks.  I can't think of one medication that doesn't come with side effects and risks.  Most side effects from meds will eventually go away as the body gets used to the med.  Some side effects hang around.  I feel it depends on the med and the way a persons body reacts to it.  For me, I will deal with the side effects since I am one of the lucky ones where most of them will go away.  The only thing I have hanging around with the morphine is dry mouth and I have gum on hand at all times for that.  Or mints.  I find that if I take the morphine on an empty stomach it will give me that wheeeeeeeeee feeling for about an hour.  If you decide to go with the morphine it will for sure make you constipated and make sure your doc gives you miralax for that. 

Deciding to take any medication is personal choice.  Research and think about it and then make a decision.  For me, the conveinence of a once a day pain killer that works rather well for me outweighs everything else. 



Sometimes it is just nice to feel half way decent all the time. You seem to be on a pain roller coaster - on and off enbrel because of infections and so on. Might be helpful to have a 'flat' road for a while. I'm think that your fibro might respond to it.Try it for a month or 2. If it isn't useful quit it!

When my husband get adequate pain relief his fibro improves. I don't know if it is because stress generated by pain stops, or better sleep happens, or just what goes on.  I can see he feels better and is happier and less forgetful. It is good to forget all about pain for a while.

Sophista - My RA is considered aggressive and I already have a lot of damage and have only had it two years. 


Justoday,  I am Sorry you are flaring. 

Brett is going to get this shot called Ibogaine.  It is not approved in the US and it can be dangerous.  It worried me but he said it is his decision so there is one more adventure ahead.  I guess we are going to Canada.  He will still be getting FDA approved shot but the psychiatrist in this hospital highly recommends this drug.  It has risks, just like ours do but if he quit drinking, we could have the best life together.  One day at a time...........

roxy39031.9306944444When I had surgery I had morphine in the hospital and then time released
at home. It made me wired....crazy wired!!! I stopped taking it cause I
couldn't sleep at all.

Actually, all pain pills do that to me.

I hope you find what works for you. Pain ruins your day and pain pills can
ruin your day....aren't we lucky?

BeckyRoxy- Best wishes to Brett.  One day at a time is just fine.  With RA, its hard to go much faster.  Feel better soon.I took the slow release morphine which did nothing for my pain - the pharmacist said it doesnt work for everyone.   I take paracetamol & codeine for stronger pain relief. Also Ibuprofen very very occasionlly as it gives me stomach ulcers.   Oh for the day when they find us that magic pill! I try lots of alternative therapies too.