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I have noticed that when my feet and hands hurt my veins swell up and are very big and visible especially on my hands and down my wrist. Does anyone else have this? I have a vein that is huge on my wedding ring finger and just throbs with pain all the time. I can't wear my ring anymore because of the pain and swelling. ANYONE?????



That sounds like something you should call you doctor about. It sounds like vasculitis maybe.

Here, check this out:

And yes, it's an immune it's pretty likely...Good luck hun!!
I did ask him if it was vasculitis. He started poking and prodding on my hands looking all concerned and said no. Then I can't remember what I asked him (another ra symptom: memory loss) and then we went on to somethings else. I notice they are really visible when my hands and feet are hurting.Well hmm. I thought I'd get brownie points for that one

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I am cking that website out now ......

However, when my hands and arms intitially swelled from the RA, my veins would do that. And if you are on prednisone, it makes the sick thinner so that the veins are more apparent. Sometimes when I am quite flared, they do it again.

When is the last time he checked your SED rate. That can be a big indicator. I would look at that site and the one on John Hopkins and Mayo. They have good descriptions.

See if you have any of the other symptoms. It can be a very serious disease to a rather benign one. It shouldn't be ignored if it continues.

For now, I would try icing them a bit and see if the swelling goes down some. But do research it and ask me any questions that might come up. Vasculitis is pretty rare and hard to diagnosis. If you need help with good links let me know.

But most likely it is the thin skin and swelling. I find it rather scary looking.

It does worry me about the ring finger though, throbbing etc. Collect your info, note your symptoms and if you still think it might be happening, take all of that and ask for a biopsy be done at that spot on your finger. It's something that he probably can do in his office.

I had to have the temporal artieries in my head and a colonoscopy biopsied done on the suspicion of vasculitis. Those came out clear, thankfully although they were already treating me for the temporal artertis which is related to vasculitis.

But I also get terrible skin lesions that don't heal. Amazingly, after years of those, when I went off MTX, they finally healed, just in time for my surgeries.

Thanks Deannna. I hope you are feeling ok after your "big day".

You are taking it easy, aren't you?

I had some blood work done before my cyst surgery on Feb 1st but don't know if they cked the sed rate. I am waiting to completely heal up from that before I go back to see the rheumy. I see my surgeron on Monday and will ask what blood work they did. I will push for more answers. In the mean time I will ck out the other sites and read up more on it.



Deanna:  if you don't mind me asking:

What kind of skin lesions did you have?

 I ask because I was wondering if it was any thing like my cyst I had on my tailbone.

That same vein that runs from my wrist down my ring finger was also the same vein that they put the iv in for my surgery. It has been very visible for a long time along with other veins on both hands. I notice the get bigger and hurt more alot lately but there is a storm front moving in so that could be why????????  hmmmmmmmmm

This RA crap is giving me a headache now. LOL