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Hi there. I was wondering if any of you experience pain around your ribs and in the back area. I do not know if it is arthritis related or not. I have had this for years. It comes and goes but lately has been horrible. Flexeril does seem to help for a while.  My lower back has been bad lately too. It hurts worse on the right side also. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cherie           Ultram, embrel, flexeril, folic acid, just went off mtx , total hysterectomy (endometriosis), irritable bowel syn. RA and spodio. arthritis, 39yrs old       

could be arthritis..but have you ever been checked for gall bladder problems.  It would cause pain such as you describe in the locations you are hurting especially since your meds aren't helpng



Does it hurt to breathe? Are you coughing or have a cold?

I ask because it could be pleurisy....which I have had before and it hurts something awful just to breathe. I'm not a doc but I suggest you call yours and get some answers.

take care


No it does not hurt to breathe. I have had this for about 12 yrs off and on. I used to blame it on endometriosis. It has been real bad for about a week and half now. I go to ruemy on the 21 of march. I am bad about calling the Dr. Hopefully I can make it till 21st. If it keeps up like this I guess I could just call her and see what she thinks. Thanks. I thought about gall bladder too .

With a gallbladder it will act up after you eat something greasy...have you noticed it acts up after eating certain foods?

Also ra does affect the cartlidge in ribs I think it is called costrochronditis (sp?).

I hope you get some answers soon.

Take it easy



I've been having the same problem.  I had an abdominal ultrasound that showed a normal gallbladder.  It feels like a dull ache right under the lower right rib.  Sometimes, I'll get a sharp pain that goes to the back and once it felt like it was shooting up to the shoulder.  I didn't notice it hurting after I ate which I think is normal for a gallbladder.  It's seems to bother me more in the mornings or after I've tried to do too much, like shovel the driveway.  Kind of like my RA so I thought they might be related somehow.

If you find the answer to your pain, will you please post it?

Yes I will post it kweenb. I do not notice it after I eat. It is worse in the mornings. Worse if my bladder gets too full also. I did a search for lower right rib pain and there are tons of postings. Not a whole lot of answers though so it seems to be more arthritis related. Thanks again for your help.

I also get inflammation in my ribs as well as my breast bones which is costrochronditis like Cindee said. That can be very painful.

I'm not sure if this is your problem or not; but it might explain it though. I'd definately talk to your doctor and have them rule out several other things before you blow if off as this though.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi, sorry I can't help, but just wanted to say 'I know pain'!! You must call your doctor(s) they respond to pain. it can make you crazy wondering what it is and why it hurts and all that. Do go ahead and call someone. Good Luck FeelingBetter


Nope not in the back, my lower ribs hurt in the front, collar bone ends near neck, and in the center between the breast area. Can be really horrid, but does not hurt in back.

Even if a pain has been around for a decade, it deserves a chance to be evaluated. I have some of those and have had one or 2 fixed. It is really good to find a solution to those cronic long term pains.

Best wishes. Talk it a doc. 

That's kind of the way I felt when I they finally did the MRI on my back. I've had problems with it for years....but it was good to finally put a name on what was wrong with it. I know exactly what it was and not have to wonder if it was something else everytime I have the pain.

Honestly I haven't done anything else with my treatment except increase my pain meds and add muscle relaxers; but there's something comforting about knowing what's causing the pain. Some time not knowing is just plain out scary. Once you take some of the fear out of it sometimes the pain is easier to deal with.



Another thing to look into is possible adhesions from your hysterectomy.  While it is sounding more and more like costchondritis you do need to make sure it is nothing unrelated to RA
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