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anybody else have it...what can be done, besides drugs, and does it ever go away?How long ago was your knee replacement?  I had nerve damage as a complication from my total knee 2 yrs ago, then developed RSD and neuropathy. The RSD and neuropathy were helped by Neurontin, and I still take a maintenance dose today. I do have residual numbness all along the inside of my leg, from mid-thigh to mid-calf.  I was told this might improve, as nerves can regenerate, but it hasn't and I know it is too late now.  Go back to your ortho, or get a referral to a neurologist if you haven't already. Wish I had more answers for you.  All the best, PatThanks Pat,
I was done in 12/05...and this was a knee revision of an earlier TKR from '98..Did go to a nuerologist, and EMG pointed to damage in the feet...Have tried Lyrica, Nuerontin, but all high doses....and they do make you sleepy and dizzy..going to nuerolsurgeon next week, to see what they say, would like some kind of aggresive's the ball of the foot, and up the ankle, the numbness.....Good luck to you alsoWow, that is a bummer - sure hope the NS has some ideas, keep us posted. I was hoping more people would reply - this can't be that unusual, or is it?   Pat

I have the nerve problems too but not because of the knee surgery. But it has made recovering more difficult. I couldn't take Neurontin or the Lyrica as I was allergic to both. They are now trying Gabitril (sp?) and are considering Cymbalta.

I found I got more solutions offered by the pain specialist. Also, they are doing PT and that really, really helps me a lot. And lidocaine (5%)ointment. They also want be to use MetaRX, a prescription strength B vitamin that helps heal nerves.

I have to take Methadone for the pain, too. But I have more problems than nerve pain. It's just gotten so bad lately.

You can also get 4% lidocaine as a perscription from Walmart.

A different kind of shoes might also help. You'd need to see a podtriatist for that. And some people sleep with something that keeps the blanket off the feet.

It is so hard to find something that helps sometimes. But it sure can hurt. I really feel for you.

not sure what is causing numbness,the back or the foot probs...numbness in 2 middle toes, in driving foot, and real bad, in left foot...i have spinal DDD stenosis and spondylethesis, have had 3 lumbars epidurals last summer, but the didnt think it would have more...sciatica would be from back down, not feet up...this is a mystery, will let you all know after tuesday, what the institude of nuerosurgery and nueroresearch says....i know it isnt bad enough for a back fusion, and may be from all the foot/ankle fusions..last ones were a triple arthodesis of foot....oh sure have bags of orthotics, 0 orthopedic shoes, ankle braces, can only go to orthopedic ankle surgeon, as a specialist..i am determined to get to bottom of this...or if not, the right combo of nerve meds, but it would be better to get rid of it, non-surgicallyok, this all started badly, after recuperating for weeks on couch, with leg elevated after knee another opinion, from a differant nurologist...he is doing another EMG, and will try not to stick needle in the painful part of foot, and concentrate more on nerve study of back, and we will try some more spinal epidurals, maybe in differant locations after the EMG...still a mystery, it's not RSD, and doesnt call for a back operation, he agrees, if i dont want to be so drugged up, lets try this approach..with higher doses, of cymbalta, lyrica, and nuerontin, i tend to sleep a lot, and gain hopefully i have found the right track here...thanks for your warm welcome and replies, and by the way, its not at all related to RA, the nueropathy, from Humira