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I have kept up on meds, new treatments, side efffects and symptoms, but I don't really now much about my blood work.  What should my sed rate be?  When should I be concerned?  I know I don't test positive for the RA factor--I'm one of the weird ones---but other than that I've not found out about my blood work.  Where should I start?


Here's site with info: http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/conditions/rheum atoid.html

I know if mine is close to 35, they worry. If it gets close to 60, they are upping prednisone. The best way is to start asking at each visit and what the blood work means in your case. For instance, three low values together can indicate anemia. In other words, the Rheumy has to compare all the factors he is seeing, plus your films, plus visual examination plus what you are telling him regarding your symptoms. But if you start asking, then you are going to start correlating your symptoms with how you were feeling when the numbers were such and such. I know to watch my SED rate because it was extremely high in the beginning. It's still 40.
The range for the ESR is 0 to 20. Anything above that is abnormal. I guess
the goal is to get it into range but it seems to be a difficult thing to do, or at
least it takes a while to bring these numbers down.

There aare two different tests for SED rate, so working out what is normal depends on which one the lab use. I know that for the one used most frequently in the UK the easiest way to work out your normal SED rate range is:

Male - Age divided by two

Female - (Age plus ten) divided by two.

Anything below the number you end up with is normal.

Normal Range 0-20.  I agree Lorster, my Doc and Rheumy both told me that too. I'm lucky enough to be sitting in the high 20's right now - so not too bad, although I have had blood tests when the pain level has been about a 7 0r 8 for me, and ESR  hasn't risen significantly.  I am blessed with a pair who listen to what I say as well - Rheumy says even that is not always a true indication of the pain that I am feeling at those times.  My sed rate is 34 right now. I seem to worry more about my CRP with is 8.4
(down from 28 a year ago) They say anything above 3 on the CRP is
extremely high. That bothers me a bit.My doc stopped running the sed rate on me, and started running the crp. He says it is more accurate.

Just checked my labs to see what mine was. My sed rate was 33 (it shows a normal range of 0-20) and the CRP was 11.10. There's a sheet with a whole bunch of other stuff they ran, but I don't have a clue what they mean?  It says CBC/Auto at the top and then lists 20 "things." I see the RBC is listed as being high and then the RDW and MPV are low. Whatever that means....




Amylynn, your numbers look like mine but my cbc is normal. Where is most
of your pain at? Your CRP is pretty high. Mine was 28 a year ago and has
come down to 8.4 which is a big improvement but still high. I think the
Plaquinil and pred will help with your numbers but try to get off the pred as
soon as you can. Do you take fish oil or any omega supplements? See if
those would help. I have been on Plaq for 7 months now and it is making a
huge difference in my quality of life but it took a good three months to even
notice a change.    

My pain is mostly my hands & Wrists.....but now my ankles and feet are also  bad... My hips are sore some days, but fine others. And my back....but my back has hurt for a long time due to a compression fracture back in 2001, so it's hard to tell if it's just from that..or if it's "new RA pain." My neck is super super sore---but again, I don't know if it's the RA? Seems like if I just got a really good massage it'd feel better.

I get labs done again May 16th, so I'm anxious to see what they show. I honestly can't say I've improved any since I started on the meds. My feet were never like this before....my left one used to bother me some, but I attributed it to my weight. ( which I suppose it still could be) But if it took you 3 months to see a difference, I'll wait it out. I just started month 2 of it.

No, I don't take any fish oil or omega supps.....didn't know about those. But sure am willing to try them.

okay, I need to figure out the whole testing language and acronyms.  all I know is what my RA factor is (315).  I have no idea what a sed rate is or CRP.  I looked at the link above but I'm not sure I understand it.  I guess I'll be asking my doctor for more info at my appt. next month.

Hula- I don't have a clue what the CRP actually is....I just read my lab report and noticed the number.

Hope that helps?

Thanks for all the input.  I think I'll start keeping track of my bloodwork a little more now.  I never have actually seen a report--I'm going to ask for copies now. 


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