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Hi All:

When I first found this board, someone posted a conversion for MTX.  It was a conversion that showed how cc's of MTX based on dosage.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can they post it again?  I thought I kept it and I can't find it anywhere.  It was a chart and for instance, I take 12.5 and it equals .5 cc of MTX.



1 cc equals 2.5mg of Mtx so one pill

I found this one: * .1 CC/ML equals 2.5 mg

Chart assumes Methotrexate vial is 25 mg/ML:

Dose of Methotrexate

Amount listed on label and to be drawn up if using 1 ml =1cc Syringe

Amount to draw up if using  100U  Insulin Syringe

Number of full doses contained In the vial based on dosage

7.5 mg

0.3 ml

30 U


10 mg

0.4 ml

40 U


12.5 mg

0.5 ml

50 U


15 mg

0.6 ml

60 U


17.5 mg

0.7 ml

70 U


20 mg

0.8 ml

80 U


22.5 mg

0.9 ml

90 U


25 mg

1.0 ml

100 U


Ta2d39198.5972337963That is providing that this is the only concentration the drug comes in. MTX
may come in different concentrations and a liquid dose cannot be equated
with a tablet dose. A tablet is not measured in cc(ml)