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I have some numbness and tingling in my fingers along with the same ol same ol RA crap.....I went for a nerve conduction test and they ruled out carpel tunnel and sent me for a MRI of my cervical spine because I have had problems with that for years....they called me with results the other day and my left side is worse than the last one they took several years ago and now I have herniated discs......they are referring me to a nerurosurgeon..soon

help me

I have a lot of back problems myself. My disk problems are referred to as "buldging disk" I have two like that they say. An MRI revealed that and the specilist I saw says I do have RA in my back. Whether that causes these disk problems I don't know.....but I know it contributes to my back problems.

Hope your pain eases soon. Mine is up and down thank god! I don't know how some can stand the constant pain like I have at times.

Good morning!!
I also have herniated discs and DDD.   I got that dx before the RA dx.  Now my RD tells me that it is RA in my spine.   Gosh, we all have long and complicated problems, don't we.? Hi Devsgramma, have you ever been to a pain specialist, I ask this because I have very similar problems and I had nerve block injections done in my thoracic spine and my Doc said he will do them in the Cervical spine if necessary, (under ultrasound guidance) didn't feel a thing and it worked!!!!!  My C spine which I haven't had done yet has responded to rest, a cervical collar in bed while sleeping and Buprenorphine (aka Norspan pain patches) all really helped, hope this is of some use and if not a neurosurgeon is the way to go rather than an orthopaedic, best of luck.  Janie.
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