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OK, I just got the official reading of my RH levels, and it is 11.8....I was told that 0-6 is normal, so "to me" this seems high. Do you all know what your levels are? And is this what the Dr. would look at in determaning if it is indeed RA? Thanks again...don't worry I see the Dr. in 2 weeks, LOL. So the questions will hopefully ease up a bit
                   ~~Staci~~ Sorry Staci.  I never pay attn. to numbers.  It is enough to just try to read about all of the treatment options and meds. 

Anyway, at diagnosis, my Rh Factor was 276, when normal was 0-20.  (I think different labs have different criteria for "normal.")  Anyway, as you can see, it was extremely high.  The doctor told me that Rh factor only indicates inflammation is present, and if it's as high as mine was, it makes it easier to diagnose.  Lots of folks get nothing on their bloodwork, which makes it more difficult. They don't test that as you go along in the medication process.  It just helps with diagnosis. The two things they'll watch most closely in the blood work as you go along each month are CCP and Sed Rate.  For me, it's been as follows:

Since this began, 10 months ago, my CRP has gone from 60 to 9. (normal <8)  Sed rate has gone from 92 to 12. (normal 0-30)  These and other tests are the ones they watch closely to be sure the meds are not having negative effects on the rest of you--liver and pancreas, for example.

Hope this helps.

Hey Sara.  That is good info.  I am learning...........

I'm a budget analyst by day.  Numbers are my thing.  I confess I have a spreadsheet I enter my numbers on each month, so I can track them.  People laugh at me all the time, so go right ahead.  I know you want to.

I think Sarah is right, and that different labs have different criteria.  With my labwork normal was 0-14 and mine was in the 20's Dr said this was a low positive, but coupled with my symptoms and history dx in his words was a "no brainer".  He said he has had patients with an RF of over 1000.  I would'nt get too caught up in the #'s because as you can see from reading the posts here many people have neg RF and still have very aggressive RA. The pos bloodwork does make for a quick dx though.

Good Luch to you,

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