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When I was first prescribed MTX, folic acid and Plaquenil, I did research on all three.  One MTX web site advised getting a medical alert ID bracelet listing MTX in case of an accident.  Apparently there's a real danger of mixing MTX with many other drugs.  Have any of you been advised by your doctor to get a medical ID tag or do you have one?  I don't know if I really need to do this or if it's just over-kill.  Thanks!

I have one I wear. I had the back engraved with "see med. list in wallet" because I am taking numerous meds that cannot just be stopped. I figure better safe than sorry.

Jesse...I hadn't thought about it, but it sounds smart. Smart people here! I'm doing it.I just get any meds i'm on tattooed to my chest. LOL gimpy.  Too funny.  I do not have a medical ID but I have an up to date meds list in each car with doc phone numbers and insurance info on it.  I can't stand to wear jewelery at all.  Not even necklaces.  My answer to jewelery is a tattooed bracelet on my left wrist. 

Seems like one of my RD's said something about it to me, but I could be wrong... and it might have been something I have read or heard somewhere.

I wouldn't have done it anyways, because I cannot wear jewlery. It "weights" me down. I do not even wear my wedding or engagement ring anymore, as I stopped wearing them so not to scratch my daughter when she was a baby, at least that is the excuse I have been going with for over 8 years


That's a great idea. I'm new to taking multiple meds a day so this is
something to conisder. I am so glad to have found this board. I have
learned so much!I ordered one online about 5 months after I started MTX.  Never read about it, but thought that I should have one.  The thought that I could end up incapacitated and unable to communicate whille I'm on this drug made me worried.  I have the names of my conditions engraved on it. It has a hotline phone number and id # on  it.  As my meds change I can update them online in an instant.  It's a service I pay an annual fee for, but I like how my med info can be accessed by any health professional with a phone (when we went overseas to Holland in the spring it was really comforting to wear the bracelet and know they could get the info if they needed it).

Anywho ... I think we should all wear them.  You can't always count on your purse or glove compartment to be nearby (or thought of) when you need them.

- J.

Then I will laminate a card to put in my back pocket of my jeans or shorts.  I DO NOT WEAR JEWELERY PERIOD END OF SENTENCE.  It would be a waste of money for me.  My body aches and for me to wear anything on it like that would drive me more bonkers than what I already am.  Bothers me to the point where I would rip the dam thing off and it would be a huge waste of money.  I no longer even wear my wedding band.  That is actually going to eventually be a tattoo. 

When you are in a major motor vehicle accident, your glove compartment is searched thru to find identification for the people in the car.  As far as a purse goes...if you carry one all the time that might be a good place for it.  Since I do not because it is a pain in the butt when using my cane...a simple piece of paper in my glove box or my pocket works for me. 

There are other solutions to the medic alert jewelery issue. 

Oh I know... since I do not carry the diaper bag with me all the time, or even a purse or wallet... I will put my list of 3 meds in my hubby's wallet and let him lug it around. I do with my drivers permit

Don't hide your id in the glove box while travelling, a small handbag/purse next to you will be more obvious.

Travel safely and don't forget, St Christopher had his title taken.

Thank you all for your responses.  The site that mentioned the IDs wasn't selling anything, it was just a general drug information link.  I had to do a Google search to find IDs and check them out. It may be true that the writer was just being overly cautious. I may go ahead and get an ID necklace and also put the info in my purse, just in case.  It certainly won't do any harm.

Joy, would you please give me the link to the online service.  That's a great idea when meds change frequently and since I'm not sure I'll be staying on them long term or trying something else, the online service is one to consider as well.

Finally, is there a way to get notification of responding posts?  With this foggy brain of mine, it would be nice to have an e-mail alert like some other message boards have.  Thank you all. 

I use a free service I found through the American Health Information Management Association.  It is web based and free.  You can update it any time and print out copies.  Here is the link if anyone is interested.  I think it is more important to let health care providers that we are immune suppressed than anything else.

PS I need to have a TB test for the hospital I work at occasionally, anyone heard of any problems with just getting the test?

Thanks Mary.  That link will be helpful to many of us.I have a waterproof pod on a neck string that can hang round my neck( normally used for the beach or by a pool). If i'm out and about i put my money in there, next of kin card, list of meds and drivers licience etc. Its really good and leaves my hands free for my cane and to pinch the bums of nice looking men!!) of Medical Alert, but as you can see, it's international. Okay, here are the details (but not nearly as much fun as pinching the bums on nice looking men
MedicAlert Foundation International
2323 Colorado Avenue
Turlock, CA 95382-2018, USA
Tel: 209-668-3333
Canadian MedicAlert Foundation
2005 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario M2J 5B4
Tel: 1-800-668-1507
MedicAlert Foundation Australia
St. John House, 216 Greenhill Road
P.O. Box 23
Eastwood, South Australia 5063
Tel: 61-88-274-0361
MedicAlert Foundation British Isles & Ireland
1 Bridge Wharf
156 Caledonian Road
London, NI 9UU, United Kingdom
Tel: 44-171-833-3034
MedicAlert Foundation Iceland
Soltun 20
105 Reyukjayik, Iceland
Tel: 354-561-3122
MedicAlert Foundation Malaysia
c/o Computer Services Unit
University Hospital
Lembah Pantai
50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 60-3-750-2816
MedicAlert Foundation New Zealand
P.O. Box 40028
Astral Towers, Main Street
Upper Hutt 6007, New Zealand
Tel: 64-4-528-8218
South Africa MedicAlert Foundation
Scotts Building
101 Plein Street
Cape Town 89001, South Africa
Tel: 27-21-461-7328
MedicAlert Foundation of Zimbabwe
Cancer Centre
60 Livingston Avenue
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 263-4-759-512 I got one from a company called Lauren's Hope.. I have several braclets that I change ID plates with. I have my name, and emergency contact and it says that I have RA, plus the major meds.. It makes me feel safer. I plan to get one as soon as my rheumy decides that he is going to stick with the MTX. Any given day I leave my cell phone at home so I can't depend on ICE from saving me from a dangerous drug interaction. I plan to put the braclet on and leave it.