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Pardon Me but my A** is Killing Me


 Theres just no other way to describe my flippin behind.Angry I started Sunday morning with shooting hip to knee pain which got a bit better later on. Monday all day i had muscle spasms in neck and back! UGG Two pain killers and flexeril helped that, then this morning the pain in my hip moved to the middle of my behind, in the dippy concave area, around the top of thigh to groin and down to the knee. What the heck is going on??? Now i cant sit but on one "cheek" and going to the the toilet is the worst!!! Every Single Day something different and usually more painful is going onCry I don't know if i can wait till the end of August to see the Dr.! My sister begged me to go to ER today and get a cortizone shot in my butt but i didn't.

 This dont feel like Fibro and i've only had osteo in my fingers so far. This hurts from skin to the bone with maybe some nerves involved. I can't really tell. i'm trying real hard not to use the pain patch cause i get so nauseated but i'm about to the end of my rope. its so depressing to hurt all the blessed time! I am so sorry you all suffer so much and get hardly any relief. Your all so brave and i'm such a whiner. I know from the sound of things most of you are in a lot worse shape than i am. Thanks for listening to my vent, again ,and hope you all see brighter days ahead. Somethings got to give for us all.  At least most of you have a great sense of humor and make me laugh out loud all the time. I LOVE THAT


Ow ow ow!!! That REALLY sounds like a nerve being pinched. OW again! Get that checked out!!! Ow...........ow ow ow........ It sounds like how I feel when I have problems with sciata, which is what Katie mentioned, a pinched nerve.  Hope you get help soon.

Sorry you hurt. I hope you can get it resolved soon.

You know what I hate? I hate when my right hip feels like someone has jabbed something in it and then the pain runs down to my right knee and back up to my hip and then before it is over it is running back and forth from my hip to my knee to my ankle. Now that is the pits!

But a pinched nerve I am sure is more of the pits. At least mine goes away when I take something for the pain, well sometimes, or dulls the pain.

Yes, that sounds like sciatica pain. I have it too, on and off. The pain starts in the very low part of the back and shoots all the way down the leg. So painful!! Google "sciatica" and you'll find exercises and stretches. Hope you feel better soon!


  Thank you ladies,I don't know what this is it feels really weird. I had a pinched nerve in between my ribs when i was in my early twentys but i dont remember how it felt,i know they blocked it with a shot and it away immediately. Stupid GP had me almost in sugery for gall bladder but the surgeon said it was pinched nerve.LOL

 Joonie, i'm having some shooting pain from knee down my shin bone to one toe. How freaky is that??? Oh and some pains run behind my knee too. UUUGGGHHH!

  Mary, This hurts in the middle of my cheek, is sciatica a nerve in your butt? What do you do for it? It feels like the bone is on fire.

I only know the symptoms because I have had it before

Sciatic pain usually starts in the buttocks and extends down the rear of the thigh and lower leg to the sole of the foot and along the outer side of the lower leg to the top of the foot. Pain may also be present in the lower back.

here is a good link



 Thanks Mary read the article and was surprised to find that a herniated disc in the lower back is usually the culprit in sciatica. Lower back pain has been my biggest source of nearly constant pain for years. Very interesting. This will go in my handy dandy notebook too, to take to the dr.Tongue


Moana - if you do have sciatica, physical therapy is a very successful way to treat that.

Good luck.

sounds a lot like sciatica to me.  I had it for a couple of years a while back.  I thought it was my heel, a spur or something.  No it was from the sciatic nerve.  The pain was unbelievable.  Physio was the best thing for it but it was a lot of hard work and took time.   Some easy stretches are the best way to alleiviate the problem, something simple like lying on your back and bending the knee of the leg that hurts til you can grab it and just give it a gentle squeeze to your chest.  If that relieves the pain then if will be sciatica.


 Well let me tell ya what i did last night, i laid on a Shiatzu machine. Its for neck and back massage but i have always felt it to strong for that and it hurt.so i laid it in my bed and laid on the sorest spot on my butt and let me tell ya it hurt like the devil but i kept doing it for a good hour or so, moving it around every so often. It has helped tremendously!! Yippee! I can sit on both "cheeks" now in a soft shair, the toilet still hurts because its to hard. At least i don't have that throbbing pain this morning just sore . The groin area to my knee still hurts like fire though.Ouch

Glad it let up some, I hope it will go away soon. If not according to that website I read about what everyone thinks you might have, if it lasts for several days or gets worse you are to seek medical attention. Just thought I would mention that for ya Good idea Joonie, I had it so bad one time I was in bed for 2 weeks.  This was when I was in my 20's young and strong.  I needed muscle relaxers and physical therapy.  I ignored it (I had a 2 year old and my husband was out to sea for 6 months) and it got very bad.  I always pay attention to that type of pain now and treat it right away. 

Being on muscle relaxers and bedridden with a 2 year old was a wake up call for me on that one. 

Right after that I asked my 2 year old to do something and she told me she couldn't.  I asked her why and she said "my back hurts".  I must have said that a few times to her.

I had sciatic problems while preggo with my son who is now 14. Be careful walking because your legs could just quit on you. That's what happened to me several times and it wasn't fun. Usually my hubby would catch me, thank God, or it would have been nasty!

Good luck and take care


 Well i'm going to the Dr tomorrow if my hubby has his way.This stuff is just traveling from one place to the next. I wish it would get to where its going soon and STOP!Angry Thanks for the tips girls

Good Luck with the Dr visit tomorrow! Let us know how it goes.

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