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Has anyone noticed yeast infections with the use of plaquinil? I have
searched high and low for info today with no luck. I cannot find it as a side
effect anywhere I look. From what I gather, Plaquenil has antimicrobial
properties so if that is the case, it really could kill the good bugs but there is
no written evidence of that on all the reading I have done on the internet.
Thanks guys.Lori, I have just been diagnosed during the week with an Oral Thrush Infection, I have been having Dry mouth problems since about March.
I did have a really bad thrush Infection when I was pregnant (100 yrs ago Is it the Plaquenil or the fact that you are on immune suppressant drugs?

I get repeated yeast infections from the fact that these drugs are immune suppressant. I also get sinus infections and strep skin infections all from the same thing.

You don't have to have had antibiotics to get thrush, simply your immunity being low and other factors like summer heat can give you thrush.

Oh, putting that cream in with RA is kind of like needing to be an acrobat, so don't. There are capsules that can treat it that you can get on prescription from your GP.

Hope it helps.

I have been having problems with Thrush for years.  My regular doc thought it was from the Advair, but I used it for a long time before the problem started.  Now that you mention it, the Thrush did start after the Plaquenil.  Hmmm....  Makes me wonder.

Antimicrobial from wikpedia: "An antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria (antibacterial activity), fungi (antifungal activity), viruses (antiviral activity), or parasites (anti-parasitic activity)."

Although, Doxycycline, an antibiotic, is also used to treat malaria, so I would think there might be some crossover. Doxycycline obviously must kill parasites (such as malaria), as well as bacteria. So, possibly Plaquenil is not just anti-parasitic, but ALSO, anti-BACTERIA/antibiotic.

My recommendation would be to take a probiotic to replace the good flora. They have kept me from getting yeast while on antibiotics, and I have been prone to yeast infections all of my life.


Take care, Karin

High enema colonics, to flush parasites Does anyone have a recommendation on what probiotics to take, how much,
how often?I have not had a yeast infection for years, until lately. I started the Plaquenil at the beginning of May....

Wonder if it is the Plaquenil? 

Never had Plaquenil, but I had a chronic, recurring thrush problem when I took MTX.  When I stopped the MTX, the thrush went problem with Humira.


I take Metagneics brand Ultra FLora IB. It is very good, but only available through a doctor's office. You might check their website to see if there is a supplier near you. The refrigerated probiotics at the health food store tend to be better. The higher the number of live organisms, the better. HTH. Take care, KarinHave you taken your blood sugar? Sometimes a sign of diabetes is yeast and thrush.

Which came first - the chicken or the egg?

Lots of cutting edge research says 70% of AI diseases start in the gut. 

How did what ever we have (RA) get out?

What if what we have is systemic (big bad) which the women's yeast infections would be a sign.  We topically treat the sign, but the systemic infection is too entrenched to touch.

Which is why diet may be so intregal to treatment and health and why so many people report a lessening of their disease on it.  You've started to attack the systemic disease and work on healing a hyperpermeable gut.


P.S.  Thinking out loud here!  I know nothing of the traditional drugs but question the wise-ness of supressing a immune system IF we have a systemic fungal infection?  Wouldn't the fungus etc. be able to grow unchecked at all?