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I was just wondering, I've noticed some of you are taking Milk Thistle for a healthy liver. My question is this: My Arava is processed through my liver, if I take milk thistle, will it sort of "flush" my Arava out too fast? Personally, I like to have a glass or two of wine each night (dr. says it's ok) so I thought it'd help to take the Milk Thistle but now I"m wondering about my Arava.anyone?????Honey, I have questions about milk thistle, too, that I haven't been able to get answered. I read somewhere that milk thistle actually slows down how fast your liver is able to expel meds, so if anything the Arava will saty in your system longer. But I haven't been able to find any studies or credible sources to substantiate that. So far all I've read over and over is that milk thistle is an efficient liver cleanser, so I guess that's today's truth!

I was told by APer's to try Milk Thistle after I had 3 elevated liver function tests in a row (probably from over use of ALeve) and was terrified the spike on Mino would be too high and my doc would try and take me off.  Within 2 1/2 months my LFT had returned to normal.  Since the liver processes toxins in the body - I'm pretty sure it's doing what it's supposed to be doing.

My thoughts, not being on Avara, is that the meds reach the targeted cells and is eventually expelled from the body.  I'm assuming the Milk Thistle is for processing AFTER it's been used by the body.


I am off pred. and tylenal and now on aleve, is aleve that hard on your liver as you said Pip?  I try to take only 1 a day  pls comment



My offshoot of RA is known for the excruciating pain in the attacks.  I mean lying on the floor screaming, crying pain.  I was taking so much asprin (16-18) a day that I got it in my head that that could not be good for me so I should switch things around.  So I added in enteric coated Bufferin so some would dissolve in my lower intestines.  Then I switched to Aleve not realizing you couldn't take more than 2 pills a day (on the box).  I've since been told you can take more per prescription strength.  I was taking WAY more than allowed - like lose your kidneys and liver -way more.  I ended up with neuropathy in my hands, facial twitches, headaches...I mean, if you look up what can happen to you in the PDR - I was darn close to poisoning myself.  All from not reading the bottle.

You should be safe.  :-)


tks pip, just looking for "ra" reassurance.

have a great day, rose
I take TMG and milk thistle the day I take the methotrexate and other meds  that go through my liver .My liver function has always been good. I am firm believer in milk thistle for cleansing the liver. Been doing it for years. Also try TMG. look it up on Swanson Vitamins site as well.Thanks Jerome, will do.I discovered I am allergic to milk thistle. I was having sinus allergy symptoms of epic proportions until I read my second bottle of milk thistle that said do not take if allergic to ragweed;  the first bottle had no warning.  However, my liver enymes were better, but since then I've had major flares. Which leaves me to believe it may have washed out the remnants of the arava that I stopped taking a year ago.

I take Milk Thistle as well.  I had elevated liver numbers for 6 months.  They kept going up even after I went off MTX.  Since I have been on Milk Thistle they have gone back to normal.  I really have no idea if the Milk Thistle fixed the problem, but, it is no longer a problem so I continue to take it.


good news crispy, hope you have continued good luck with low liver numbers,,,ya never know what helps right? willing to keep on trying....

Hi Can anyone advise me what is Milk Thistle and where can I buy it??
As I have never heard of it,please advise someone.
Thanks Milk Thistle (chemical name silymarin) is inexpensive and can be found in the vitamin section at Wal-Mart, etc.    PatThankyou I will give it a try. Agatha, the usual dose is 175 mg once or twice a day.  I take it twice.  It has little or no side effects for most people at that amount.

Best Always, Pat