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Has anyone been prone to fever blisters since starting humira? Just wondering. I am now suffering through yet another one. It usually means I will get sick with a cold or something. I took my humira injection on Monday and woke up Tuesday with a blister the size of the planet Jupiter on my upper lip. Any good advice to make it heal faster? I put some campho phenic (sp?) on it but it burns.


Hi CinDee. I don't take Humira, but I just had one of the few cold sores I've ever had in my life. Didn't hurt or anything, in fact it was like the side of my mouth/lips was cracked and red. Not big, just there.

I went to the drugstore to see what they had for it and ended up with Anbesol for Cold Sores and Fever Blisters. I've used it for 3 days, just a tiny bit rubbed in well, and it is already gone!

I really didn't know what to get, but I knew the name "Anbesol" and it worked well for me.

Good Luck. Hope it goes away soon



Thanks Nini, I might try it out. Don't want to go outside though. Heat index supposed to be over 100 degrees tomorrow. YUCK!Once you get one cold sore the virus remains in your system forever. It is
activated when you body is stressed. Since Humira affects your immune
system it would make sense that it would trigger an outbreak.

I have used abreva in the past. It is expensive and it is the littlest tube
you will ever see. You think the package is small, wait until you open it
up! But, it is very effective.

BeckyYes, I use Humira and just healed yet another blister.  I use salt, and water.  I have also started taking Colostrum and the last one healed within 24 hours.  Don't know if there is a connection. 


Hey ladies, I used to get fever blisters all the time if I had a stomach virus or a cold but my Dr. wrote me a perscription for Zovirax, comes in a little tube and is a white cream. Pretty expensive but It will last for years. The only thing is you have to apply it as soon as you feel that first burny itchy feeling on your lip before it gets full blown sore.I wouldn't be without it and now when I feel like I'm getting one I rub that on my lip and it never erupts. It's a miracle drug for my fever blisters. I bet any of your Dr.'s would write you a script for it. It really keeps them from erupting if you will remember in time to apply it. I haven't had one in years to erupt. it will lessen the pain and shorten the length of one even if it has already erupted.

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